THIS Cat Smells Her Human’s Smelly Feet. Her Unexpected Reaction Is PRICELESS

Do you remember the Friends episode where Phoebe sang the Smelly Cat song? It was a nifty little jingle that got stuck in the heads of many viewers. Some of the lyrics included “smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault!”

It was basically a random part of the second season episode that fit in well alongside Phoebe’s character trait for exactly that; randomness. Even so, Smelly Cat has since lived on in the hearts and minds of people all over the world and every now and then you can still hear someone singing it out of the blue.

However, Smelly Cat has a new rival in the form of smelly feet! A Japanese YouTuber recently uploaded a hilarious clip featuring his cat’s reaction to his presumably stinky feet. The short video starts off with the cat laying down and playing with the man’s foot.

The kitty paws and gnaws at it for a second before raising his head back and away from the offending body part. The look on the cat’s face says it all. The expression is a mixture of disbelief, shock, disgust, wonder, confusion and seemingly so many more emotions all at once.

The poor kitty’s mouth is dropped open in either amazement or because it can’t stand to breathe out of it’s nose and risk taking in another whiff of the odor. After sitting in this stunned position for several very long moments the cat finally snaps back to reality and resumes its playful attack, as if trying to kill the smelly foot and thus rid the world of it’s presence.

However, the kitty lasts only seconds more before becoming overpowered once again by the lethal foot smell. In a last ditch effort to escape it the brave feline throws its body backwards and away from the man’s foot, and places his head in relative safety behind a bookcase. The air there is much purer and the kitty can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Check out the action and drama for yourself, the cat’s reaction is priceless!

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