Mama Brings Her Baby Girl The Family Cat For The First Time. Her Reaction Is Priceless.

This baby’s reaction to the family cat just might be proof that everything could possibly be alright. At first, this looks like just another video of someone’s baby, but then it starts to get interesting. Mom brings the cat over, and the baby sees her coming from a mile away. As she begins to get an idea that kitty is coming to play, you can see a twinkle in her little eye and a grin tugging at her lips. Within moments, she is smiling from ear to ear in anticipation.

But it doesn’t stop there! The fun is just beginning as the cat gets closer and closer, with a mirrored smile turning into laughter and outright glee. This is one happy baby who loves the cat with all her might. Just in case you weren’t completely certain that this baby is completely and unequivocally smitten by this kitten, she continues to lose it over the cat the entire time kitty is in her precious presence. Her cuteness is off the charts, unable to be measured by any human standards.

Sometimes cuteness reaches such a massive scale, but it is a rare and sacred occurrence. When it does, its vastness cannot be understood by the feeble human mind. Instead, all we can hope to do is bask in the eternal glory of the peerless cuteness. We are bathed in its ethereal beauty, and our very core beams with its tender warmth. Our hearts sing with glory of angels as the cuteness sweeps over us, lifting us into the heavens of cute where hypoallergenic kittens and puppies melt all hearts into one.

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