This Puppy Wiener Dog Thinks His Human Is Being Assaulted. Now Watch How He Reacts..

The short legged hound in this video is of German origin, with the name Dachshund meaning badger dog. The canine has been used for smelling, chasing, and flushing out badgers, as well as other small burrow dwelling animals.

This particular pup’s behavior is therefore not unusual as it identifies its target, its human mother’s man friend, and tenaciously encroaches upon him. The long, narrow breed are now frequently just house pets, but as you can see, the dog’s roots have not been forgotten.

When the wiener dog believes his owner is under attack he viciously charges the assaulter, barking to chase him away. The little pup seems unaware that his barrage is less than terrifying however, as his size is such that one can only laugh instead of feel threatened when he pounces in their direction. The pretend harm is continued and the canine persists with wholehearted defense, which pushes the assailant quickly out of view of the camera.

Dachshunds are statistically aggressive to strangers, as well as other dogs, and their stubborn nature can make them difficult to train. Apathetic to their small size, they are dominated by determination and ferociously work toward their objectives, which are typically hunting birds, small critters, and tennis balls, or intimidating unfamiliar and disliked people. They energetically growl and bark to express their disinclination, though the hostility can be easily vanquished with ample affection and socialization. Isn’t this dog admirable!?

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