Baby Throws Funny Hissy Fit After This Sneaky Dog Steals His Cookie.

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Baby-proofing our homes is a must in keeping our little ones safe.  Those annoying plastic devices placed inside cabinets ensure that kids don’t get into potentially harmful substances…but watch what happens when a bag of cookies gets placed under the kitchen sink!

The 18-month-old little guy in the VIDEO you are about to watch below, not only knows where the hiding place is, but has some pretty clever ideas about how his tiny hands can bypass the obstacles.  Not only will you be in awe of this little one’s determination, but get ready for an “OH NO!” giggle at his expense.

Not one, but 3 dogs provide the hilarity in this baby’s pursuit of the desired cookie!  This little fella definitely has a promising future…his ‘never give up’ attitude will take him far in this world.  In life sometimes you just can’t always get what you want.

It’s a lessons we all must learn the hard way. Unfortunately for this little guy’s time to learn is now. He can barely talk, but his brain is hard at work to get what he wants…ENJOY!!

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Woman Steals His Shovel After a Big Snow But Is Caught On Camera. He Proceeds To Get An Epic Revenge

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Revenge is a dish best served cold, so its been said, and one Chicago man took this advice to heart both literally and figuratively. David Welles kicked it up a notch and took getting sweet revenge to the next level when he served up a heaping platter of frigid iciness on a neighbor of his who was more than well deserving of it!

It all began after a winter storm dumped a lot of snow on Mr. Welles’s neighborhood, burying and trapping cars all over the streets. An unknown neighbor of his needed to get her car out but didn’t have a shovel, so she walked up to the front door of his house and borrowed his.

After she used the snow shovel to dig out her car, she never returned it to its rightful owner, like any good neighbor or decent person would have done. By stealing the shovel the woman not only became a thief, she also incited Mr. Welles’s wrath and that’s what led to her eventual take down (of sorts!).

When David went to finish building an igloo that he had started making for his two-year old daughter, he noticed that his snow shovel was missing. Being the owner of Tunnel Vision Technology, a provider of home security camera systems, he had his house wired and everything was captured on video. He knew exactly who took his shovel, and more importantly, where the woman was parked!

Rather than confront the neighbor, he opted to take a less direct approach to the situation and as David himself describes it “I got a little ahh, I guess passive aggressive.” That’s the best way to sum up what he did next because he busted out his new snow blower and went to work burying the shovel thief’s car under a mound of ice cold snow! The best part about this whole entire story is that everything was captured on film and so we get to see it all play out from beginning to end.

In the end, the lady had to dig out her car all over again, and if you’ve ever had to shovel a car out of that much snow, you know how much work and exhausting it can be. Of course she still had the shovel she stole, so she did have that going for her. Either way, that’s what originally led to her eventual dilemma so maybe she figured it all out and ended up returning it. I guess it’s also true what they say; what goes around comes around!

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Hidden Security Cam Caught This Dog Walking Into The Store. What He Does Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

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When it comes to dogs and toys, you just never know what they might end up loving, or hating, to play with. They can be real hard to shop for and thankfully the story is much different when it comes to dogs and food, they often love whatever treat is offered to them and rarely turn their noses up at a bone.

These days there are thousands of different foods and treats available for every type of canine need or desire. Pet stores are packed with various sized bones, from ones meant to improve oral health to the more traditional rawhide types.

The latter of the aforementioned two is what proved irresistible for one dog in Murray, Utah. The four-legged canine was captured by security cameras trotting into Smiths Food & Drug Store alone and unaccompanied by any person in sight. Once inside, the dog stopped briefly to sniff a few of the customers checking out before quickly heading straight over to aisle 16.

It was there in the pet food aisle that he turned from a strange visitor of the store into a brazen criminal. Trying to appear casual, he chomped down on a rawhide bone, took it off the shelf, and headed straight for the exit.

The store’s manager, Roger Adamson, was watching the thievery take place from behind the scenes and rushed to confront the culprit. Adamson managed to intercept the dog before he could make it out the door and firmly ordered him to “Drop it.” However, the dog knew he could escape if he made a run for it, which is exactly what he did.

Footage shows the moment he bounded out the exit with the bone held securely in his mouth. The not so sneaky dog took the bone and ran off with it! In the end, the store was down $2.79 and the dog was up one tasty bone of rawhide.

For the dog, his random crime of opportunity paid off and according to reports, he got away and was never apprehended. Something tells me that it he ever tries this type of stunt again store employees will immediately see and recognize his furry face, and he’ll most definitely get caught.

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Fisherman Is Reeling In A Huge Halibut. But He Never Saw This Deep Sea Thief Coming!

Most Sportsmen and women love to talk about the highlights of their chosen sport. Golfers talk about their best handicap, tennis players their greatest shot or match, and fishermen love to brag about their biggest catch. They sometimes exaggerate a bit about the actual size of the fish, but today with so many moments of our lives being videoed, the truth is verifiable!

For the fisherman in the video you are about to watch, the fact that the camera caught what happens to his prize catch, was certainly fortunate. Otherwise it might have sounded like one of those stories that gets exaggerated. His catch was stolen by an unlikely and amazing thief!

He was reeling in a huge halibut when out of nowhere a wily orca swooped in to grab his catch. He might have been more irritated, except that getting to see the magnificent orca close up was so exciting! Catching this on video was the ultimate prize that he got to share with all his friends and the rest of the world on the internet. It was certainly a highlight of his fishing life!

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THIS Cat Sneaks Into The Neighbors House To Steal His Favorite Toy. Now Watch What He Does With It!

Cats can be very sneaky and mischievous, especially when they are a little bored. Some will even go to great lengths in order to have a good time when they are feeling a bit under-stimulated. Our four legged furry feline friends love nothing more than to stick their pink little noses into everything they come across.

Many feel the urge to inspect whatever new object or nook and cranny that catches their fancy. But when their toys no longer interest them and all of the boxes around the house have been sniffed out and sat in, it’s off to new pastures and greener fields.

For one cat in Slovenia this meant heading over to the neighbors house. After scoping out the property the kitty came across a new, exciting, and wonderful stuffed animal tiger. Wanting the plush toy all to itself, the cat clamped down and scooped it up in its mouth.

Since cats don’t abide by human rules or law, it thought nothing of stealing the furry toy and set off towards home. The cute cats human friend stood by filming his fearless feline friend making his way back home with his new prize and it’s safe to say the video he captured is awesomely adorable.

The cat expertly negotiates a fence in his path, jumping up and through a hole in the top, before strutting across the road. He looks very proud and pleased with himself, as he should! The kitty takes his new tiger to a comfy looking patch of grass in the garden and only then does he release it from his teeth.

That’s when the playing begins, and the cheeky cat goes to town, happily biting and clawing the stuffed animal. All that work and illegal activity paid off since now the little kitty is no longer bored! A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.

In this one’s case it meant stealing a toy from the neighbor to add a little fun and excitement into it’s daily routine. The clip is a prime example of how sassy and confident cats can be. This one literally could care less about getting caught doing something naughty. It’s a cat’s world and we just live in it.

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His Store Kept Getting Robbed So He Set Up A Trap. What The Hidden Camera Caught Is Hilarious!

The potential threat of theft, is an unfortunate fact of life, for business and home owners alike.  Burglar alarm systems are installed regularly in the hopes of not adding to an astounding statistic: In 2013 alone $4.5 billion in property loss was the result of approximately 1,928,465 burglaries in the United States!

Many store owners have had to deal with multiple robbery attempts and successes for the thieves.  The guy who made the video you are about the watch, decided he wasn’t going to be a victim of robberies any more.

With some creative thinking, he was able to capture a would-be robber, by installing a few special doors. There is nothing funny about robbery unless you capture the idiotic moves of the thief, add captions that are hilarious, and you know the cops are on the way!

The hallway in the interior of the business is nothing but a big trap for this “rat in a maze”.  You will be laughing out loud at the idiocy of the thief, as he does everything he can to try to escape this situation.  Add the captions and this footage is the best silent movie ever!

Make sure you watch to the very end…the credits are worth it!

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