He Set Up A Trap To Stop The Squirrels From Eating The Bird Food. How The Squirrel Reacts? OMG!

image via – youtube.com

Andy Hageman’s dad is a real bird lover, as you will see in the video you are about to watch below.  He wants to feed many beautiful birds from his bird feeders, only he has one big problem…SQUIRRELS!

The squirrels that live in his backyard have insatiable appetites, and won’t leave the bird feeders for the intended birds.  Shooing them off isn’t an option anymore, so Hageman’s dad devises a scheme, that required a considerable amount of effort that most people would not invest.

Determined to keep the squirrels away he constructs an ingenious obstacle course. After it was completed he set up a camera to capture the action.  Set to the theme of “Mission Impossible”, the following footage is hilarious!

When he reviews the tape he sees that these squirrels have skills beyond imagination; not deterred, Mr. Hageman makes the course more difficult!  You will be chuckling throughout, until the end when the laugh out loud moment may land you off your chair!

Watch the video below it will totally make your day!

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His Store Kept Getting Robbed So He Set Up A Trap. What The Hidden Camera Caught Is Hilarious!

The potential threat of theft, is an unfortunate fact of life, for business and home owners alike.  Burglar alarm systems are installed regularly in the hopes of not adding to an astounding statistic: In 2013 alone $4.5 billion in property loss was the result of approximately 1,928,465 burglaries in the United States!

Many store owners have had to deal with multiple robbery attempts and successes for the thieves.  The guy who made the video you are about the watch, decided he wasn’t going to be a victim of robberies any more.

With some creative thinking, he was able to capture a would-be robber, by installing a few special doors. There is nothing funny about robbery unless you capture the idiotic moves of the thief, add captions that are hilarious, and you know the cops are on the way!

The hallway in the interior of the business is nothing but a big trap for this “rat in a maze”.  You will be laughing out loud at the idiocy of the thief, as he does everything he can to try to escape this situation.  Add the captions and this footage is the best silent movie ever!

Make sure you watch to the very end…the credits are worth it!

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These Men Find A Mountain Lion Stuck In A Trap. Then They Do The UNTHINKABLE!

Can you imagine walking along in the beautiful mountains of Utah and coming upon a cougar?!  A very angry cougar, at that, as one of his feet was caught in a bobcat trap. Ok, so you are not a conservation officer who might be better equipped to deal with such a situation, like the two men who are determined to help this poor animal, despite the danger to themselves.

You see, they have no tranquilizer or any means to relax the cougar, who is already quite upset at being trapped.  In this heart-stopping footage you will watch six of the most intense and stressful minutes imaginable…the officers are only armed with catch poles and a blanket!

Obviously, the cougar had no way of knowing that they were attempting to release him from the trap, as you will see by his amped up fear and resultant aggressiveness.  Honestly, my heart was beating pretty fast watching this online; it is hard to imagine the amount of adrenaline racing through these brave men.

The dramatic moment of release is well worth waiting for.  These men could have left the cougar to get some means of tranquilizing the animal upon return.  Their bravery, in not doing so, is exemplary…they knew that leaving the trapped animal would leave him prey to other animals, (including unscrupulous humans) which could result in his demise.

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