THIS Huge Tree Falls On Their Lawn! But Wait Until You See What The Unexpected Discovery Inside!

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When a tree falls on your property it can be quite the job to take care and remove it. Depending on how it falls, where it falls and what kind of damage it causes can all be factors that need to be assessed before you begin the big process of getting rid of it. Unless you are a trained proffessional it is probably best to higher somebody who specializes in tree removal, because the process can not only be difficult and arduous, it can also be potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

With that being said that brings us to today’s remarkable story featuring a Vet Tech named Alan Firstly From Lewisville, Texas. One afternoon he was home from work, when one of those huge thunder and lightning storms came roaring through. The storm came in fast and strong, with lightning, thunder, powerful wind gusts and torrential rain. Alan was sitting in his house safe when he heard what sounded like an explosion and then a loud crashing sound. He decided to stay inside until after the storm had past, then he would go out and see what the heck happened and he prayed that whatever it was didn’t cause too much damage.

When the storm finally passed Alan walked outside and saw the giant tree in his front yard had fallen and had been completely taken out by the powerful storm. There was a decent amount of damage to his property and a big clean up job would need to be done. As he examined the fallen tree and his property to try and figure out how he was going to handle this situation he noticed something moving close to the fallen tree. He approached it, looked down and saw the tiniest, itty bitty and adorable baby squirrel all on its own with no mom or dad squirrel around.

Alan being a Vet Tech, was obviously a big animal lover and his focus quickly drifted from the fallen tree to this baby squirrel. Before he did anything to try and intervene, he waited around for a while to see if the baby squirrel’s mother would return to pick up her baby and bring it to safety. After a long wait and no mom in sight, he thought maybe she had been killed when the tree fell and now this baby would have no chance of survival because it wasn’t old enough or big enough to survive on its own in the wild.

Alan decided to gently pick the baby up, and brought it inside his home. Although he was very familiar with most animals because he was a vet tech he really wasn’t sure what the best course of action would be for this particular situation, so he did what anyone else would do…. He got on his computer and asked google. From the information he gathered on the internet he realized that the squirrel was probably less than 7 days old. It was so young that it’s adorable little squirrel eyes hadn’t even opened yet.

So now, he realized he was going to be completely responsible for the life of this little baby and for better or worse was basically the squirrel’s new dad. Luckily because Alan was a vet tech he had the perfect place to bring the squirrel to, the veterinarians office! After discussing the squirrel situation with some of his colleagues, they realized that this baby squirrel would need 24/7 until it was big, healthy and strong enough to be re-released back into the wild.

Luckily for him the other Vet Techs he worked with, were more than happy to help out taking turns caring for and watching the squirrel. It needed to be fed by hand with a bottle because it was far too young to eat on its own. They would take turns bringing the baby to their houses to watch the lil’ guy over night, then in the morning they would bring him back to work.

Alan quickly began to love this adorable baby and became super attached to the squirrel. Before he knew it he had to ask for time off from work to take care of his new little friend. The best part about the situation for Alan is that he was completely surrounded by animal lovers that dedicated their entire lives to try and take care of them. His boss wasn’t even annoyed that he asked for the time off and granted it to him knowing that he would be using these days off take care of the squirrel.

About a week later, the little furry creature finally opened his eyes and Alan was there for the exact moment it happened. The squirrel could finally see and the first thing he would ever see in his life would be his rescuers face. Once his eyes were opened, their human/animal soul connection was taken to the next love. He loved this squirrel and it looked as if the squirrel loved him back in return. His original plan was just nurse the baby until it was ready to go back into the wild. However, as time went on their friendship grew and Alan was finding it more and more difficult to have to return the squirrel back to Mother Nature.

He decided that because the squirrel, was brought up inside a house, its chances for survival would most likely slim to none. So Alan quickly made the decision to keep the squirrel and make him part of the family! He ended naming the baby squirrel Rocky and began training the young creature how to act responsibly and not cause damage to the interior of the house. This turned out to be much harder than it sounds…

Watch the video below for the full story:

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He Set Up A Trap To Stop The Squirrels From Eating The Bird Food. How The Squirrel Reacts? OMG!

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Andy Hageman’s dad is a real bird lover, as you will see in the video you are about to watch below.  He wants to feed many beautiful birds from his bird feeders, only he has one big problem…SQUIRRELS!

The squirrels that live in his backyard have insatiable appetites, and won’t leave the bird feeders for the intended birds.  Shooing them off isn’t an option anymore, so Hageman’s dad devises a scheme, that required a considerable amount of effort that most people would not invest.

Determined to keep the squirrels away he constructs an ingenious obstacle course. After it was completed he set up a camera to capture the action.  Set to the theme of “Mission Impossible”, the following footage is hilarious!

When he reviews the tape he sees that these squirrels have skills beyond imagination; not deterred, Mr. Hageman makes the course more difficult!  You will be chuckling throughout, until the end when the laugh out loud moment may land you off your chair!

Watch the video below it will totally make your day!

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Video: Squirrel Eats One Too Many Fermented Crabapples Gets Drunk and Does THIS!

It happens sometimes. An evening spent grabbing a drink with friends turns into you having one too many cocktails and before you know it you end up drunker than anticipated. Such lapses in judgment usually do not end up being recorded and posted on the internet. Such was not the case for one furry little squirrel. He was found in a backyard apple tree feasting on fermented crab apples and ended up gorging a little too much on the tasty snack.

When he goes to do the walk of shame towards home he sloppily disembarks from his tree bar. Gone are the graceful squirrel movements we are accustomed to seeing. Instead, he hops towards a fence through the snow, but only gets a few steps before his troubles set in.

Despite his best efforts he seems stuck in one place. He hops repeatedly, but appears to only be going up and down and not forwards much at all. He slides backwards and repositions himself to try again. This time he seems to be scampering sideways and even backwards. Any progress he made is lost as he drunkenly flails around in the snow.

Finally, he makes it to another tree and manages to climb a few feet up. Perhaps he thought that it was his home tree, but soon after he realizes his mistake and takes off, hopping awkwardly through the forest. Maybe he went searching for more crab apples or some bread to sober himself up with.

Whatever the case, the rare and amusing sight of it all makes his spectators laugh throughout the video. If he were human this squirrel would be making quite a scene! Hopefully the tipsy little guy made it home safe and didn’t have a nasty hangover the next day.

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This Dog Sees A Squirrel While He Is In The Car. His Reaction I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Rocco is a Springer Spaniel who was caught on video literally losing it at the sight of a squirrel.  His owner, Meaghan Griffin, seemed to know that he is quite passionate in his squirrel interest.  This pup goes absolutely crazy!  His barking transforms as his adrenaline surges.

Watching a squirrel through the window of the car he is riding in, his barking turns into a howling, high-pitched squealing.  One has to wonder what is going through his head.  Is he scared, excited, picking up some cues from the squirrels that we humans aren’t privy to?!

Or maybe it’s just his instinct.  Whatever it is, this video captures a moment in a dog’s life that really brings a moment of canine excitement and hilarity that can’t be beat.  Meet Rocco!


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When This Pup’s Human Says The Dreaded “S” Word, He Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Tantrum

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Lots of dogs love to chase cats, toys, and all sorts of other small animals that dart and move around quickly. It’s part of their natural instincts to go after and investigate things that pique their interest.

Perhaps one of the most common animals, other than cats, that dogs happen to go absolutely crazy for are squirrels! The little furry gray creatures can be found in millions of yards across the country climbing up and down trees and scurrying across lawns. Many of our four legged friends spend a good part of their day staring out the window at them and when they finally get let outside the chase is on!

The adorable Jack Russell Terrier in this video goes nuts over squirrels and she doesn’t even need to spot one. Instead, just hearing the “S” word causes her to have quite the hysterical tantrum! When her owner says the word “Squirrel” it sets her off and makes her howl excitedly at the sound. Her reaction an the strange noises coming out of her little mouth are so funny to see and hear.

It’s safe to say she’s been conditioned and has learned to associate the S-word with the little rodents around the house. I bet if her owner set her down she’d likely go running off in search of a squirrel too. Check it out to see what she does, it’ll make you smile!

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Hidden Camera Catches a Sneaky Squirrel Carving a Pumpkin For Halloween

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This is one seriously talented squirrel! He single handedly, or actually the term mouthly is more appropriate in his case, managed to carve an awesomely festive jack-o’-lantern out of a pumpkin in record time!

In fact, he’s so skilled that he did a better job than what many people are able to pull off! And he did it without special carving tools or knives. This squirrel is either the DaVinci of his species or they’re all universal geniuses and master artists. He even manages to get in some quality playtime and exercise as he chases another squirrel around mid-session. Not to mention a yummy, healthy snack and by the end of it all a tummy full of delicious pumpkin!

All jokes aside, it has been speculated that the real secret behind the furry little critter’s strange talent lies within the power of nut oil. As we all know and are well aware of, squirrels love stuffing their mouths full of seeds and all sorts of things they can forage for on the ground or up in the trees. However, the one thing they go absolutely crazy for is nuts and so by rubbing nut oil or peanut butter on the parts of the pumpkin one wants carved out, the squirrel will chew those exact areas.

Of course, this is all just a theory and the squirrel could have done it all on his own just as easily. Either way, check out the sweet jack-o’-lantern he chewed up just in time for Halloween!

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