When This Pup’s Human Says The Dreaded “S” Word, He Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Tantrum

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Lots of dogs love to chase cats, toys, and all sorts of other small animals that dart and move around quickly. It’s part of their natural instincts to go after and investigate things that pique their interest.

Perhaps one of the most common animals, other than cats, that dogs happen to go absolutely crazy for are squirrels! The little furry gray creatures can be found in millions of yards across the country climbing up and down trees and scurrying across lawns. Many of our four legged friends spend a good part of their day staring out the window at them and when they finally get let outside the chase is on!

The adorable Jack Russell Terrier in this video goes nuts over squirrels and she doesn’t even need to spot one. Instead, just hearing the “S” word causes her to have quite the hysterical tantrum! When her owner says the word “Squirrel” it sets her off and makes her howl excitedly at the sound. Her reaction an the strange noises coming out of her little mouth are so funny to see and hear.

It’s safe to say she’s been conditioned and has learned to associate the S-word with the little rodents around the house. I bet if her owner set her down she’d likely go running off in search of a squirrel too. Check it out to see what she does, it’ll make you smile!

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