Hidden Camera Catches a Sneaky Squirrel Carving a Pumpkin For Halloween

23ff2323ff2f23f23f23image via – youtube.com

This is one seriously talented squirrel! He single handedly, or actually the term mouthly is more appropriate in his case, managed to carve an awesomely festive jack-o’-lantern out of a pumpkin in record time!

In fact, he’s so skilled that he did a better job than what many people are able to pull off! And he did it without special carving tools or knives. This squirrel is either the DaVinci of his species or they’re all universal geniuses and master artists. He even manages to get in some quality playtime and exercise as he chases another squirrel around mid-session. Not to mention a yummy, healthy snack and by the end of it all a tummy full of delicious pumpkin!

All jokes aside, it has been speculated that the real secret behind the furry little critter’s strange talent lies within the power of nut oil. As we all know and are well aware of, squirrels love stuffing their mouths full of seeds and all sorts of things they can forage for on the ground or up in the trees. However, the one thing they go absolutely crazy for is nuts and so by rubbing nut oil or peanut butter on the parts of the pumpkin one wants carved out, the squirrel will chew those exact areas.

Of course, this is all just a theory and the squirrel could have done it all on his own just as easily. Either way, check out the sweet jack-o’-lantern he chewed up just in time for Halloween!

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