At First I Thought It Was An Old Decayed Tree. But When The Camera Zoomed In WOW!

The oldest living things on earth are our source for wood in all aspects of our lives.  Trees are used for building, tools and in many forms of artistic expression.  For many centuries, China’s wood carving tradition, has been a dominant art form that has continued to present times.

The awesome and majestic work of art, “Along The River During The Quinming Festival”, carved by Zheng Chunhui, its a prime example of the very best of  Chinese carving mastery. This mind-blowing, intricately carved “world” utilized a 12-foot long tree!

It is renowned as the longest wood carving in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.  As you watch the video below, which tours the entire 39-foot long piece, you will feel as if you have been transported into a world that contains 550 individually carved characters, buildings and vehicles that bring this village setting to life!

The content of Chunhui’s masterpiece was derived from Zhang Zeduan’s painting from the Song Dynasty era, named “Along The River During The Quinming Festival”.  It is believed that it was created at some point between 1085 and 1145.  The painting’s depiction of life in the Song dynasty was so astoundingly intricate, that it has inspired many artists through the centuries to artistically reinterpret it.

The masterpiece you are about to tour in the footage below, took Chunhui four years to create.  The Quinming Festival is still celebrated to this day on the 15th day of the spring equinox.  As you watch this video you will understand the sheer wonder of the renewal of life that is at the essence of this festival.  It will take your breath away!  Enjoy the tour!

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Hidden Camera Catches a Sneaky Squirrel Carving a Pumpkin For Halloween

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This is one seriously talented squirrel! He single handedly, or actually the term mouthly is more appropriate in his case, managed to carve an awesomely festive jack-o’-lantern out of a pumpkin in record time!

In fact, he’s so skilled that he did a better job than what many people are able to pull off! And he did it without special carving tools or knives. This squirrel is either the DaVinci of his species or they’re all universal geniuses and master artists. He even manages to get in some quality playtime and exercise as he chases another squirrel around mid-session. Not to mention a yummy, healthy snack and by the end of it all a tummy full of delicious pumpkin!

All jokes aside, it has been speculated that the real secret behind the furry little critter’s strange talent lies within the power of nut oil. As we all know and are well aware of, squirrels love stuffing their mouths full of seeds and all sorts of things they can forage for on the ground or up in the trees. However, the one thing they go absolutely crazy for is nuts and so by rubbing nut oil or peanut butter on the parts of the pumpkin one wants carved out, the squirrel will chew those exact areas.

Of course, this is all just a theory and the squirrel could have done it all on his own just as easily. Either way, check out the sweet jack-o’-lantern he chewed up just in time for Halloween!

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He Drills Tiny Holes All Over This Pumpkin For a Stunning New Take On The Classic Jack-O-Lantern

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There are literally billions of different ways to carve a pumpkin and there are endless ideas, possibilities, and directions you can head in. That’s part of the whole reason why the annual fall tradition is so fun, everyone loves doing something they really can’t mess up. Even if your jack-o’-lantern carve job turns out ugly or not what you originally had in mind, it doesn’t matter! No one will ever know the difference and the point is that you tried something new and had a good time doing it.

Halloween season is a time for eating too much candy, dressing up in cool costumes, and making memories that will last a lifetime. It’s the one time of year where people can really let loose and party like it’s going out of style! Lots of Halloween events go all out with crazy decorations, themed food, creepy lighting, and other special effects which all serve to increase the spook factor.

However, you don’t need to be an evil genius or spend a small fortune in order to throw an awesome Halloween party. All you really need are a few of these pumpkin disco lights! They are the perfect centerpieces that will draw in people’s attention and get them shaking their booties on the dance floor. The best thing about these disco lights is that they’re cheap, safe, and recyclable. In the video DaveHax shows you exactly how to replicate the idea and here’s step by step instructions as well on how to make them:

1. Cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin and hollow it out.

2. Take a screwdriver or any other similar type of instrument, like a drill, and use it to poke holes all around the pumpkin and top.

3. Insert either a shoelace or a sturdy length of cord/string through one of the holes and knot the inner end so that it doesn’t pull through.

4. Take the other end and bring it around to the opposite side, insert it through a hole as before, and knot it on the inside so that you end up with a secure sort of handle. To make it extra sturdy, repeat this with a second length of string and crisscross it with the first.

5. Using another piece of strong cord, tie the handles together on one end and attach it to a ceiling hook on the other. Double check all knots to make sure it’s secure and won’t fall on anyone’s head!

6. Place a really bright flashlight with a strobe effect setting in the pumpkin and replace the lid. DaveHax included a link for the one used in his video in case you can’t find one.

7. Give your awesome new pumpkin disco light a good spin and party on!

This may be the easiest Halloween trick and all you need is a pumpkin, some rope, and a flashlight! These look awesome in the front yard hanging from trees and because a flashlight is used, there’s no fire risk. Try it out this fall and please pass this on to family and friends for their benefit!

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