Boy Throws a Fit From Scary Halloween Decoration. Now Watch His Tough Lil’ Sis Handle It.

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Some of my favorite memories from childhood are from Halloween. The excitement leading up to it, my mom making our costumes, and of course going from house to house to collect unlimited amounts of candy. I hate to sound like an old timer, but decorations just weren’t as terrifying back in the day.

Today front yard decorations tend to be a lot spookier and ghoulish. For some kids, depending on their age and particular sensitivity to scary things, braving the terrifying decorations to get to the delicious candy can be harrowing.

From the viewpoint of one young vampire trick ‘r treating with his sister, a particular front yard was just a touch too close to a scene from “The Walking Dead”.

The siblings look very close in age, but the sister seems to be the braver of the two. Seeing her brother literally shaking in his shoes at the sight of a gyrating ghoul, she takes matters into her own hands. She strides forward and with great confidence throws a few punches that swiftly take care of the matter!

The video is laugh out loud hysterical! Now onward to the candy!!

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She Starts Drawing A Line Down Her Temple. But When She’s Done An Unexpected Surprise!

These days even the skimpy, cheap, mass produced costumes are extremely overpriced. Then you have to pay extra for accessories, makeup, and all the cool little things that make it special. It’s easier to get a little creative and make your own unique outfit that you can tailor to meet your size, needs, wishes, and desires.

One of the easiest ways to create an affordable look that really stands out is by doing some crazy, awesome, freaky makeup. Once you see this tutorial you’ll get what I’m talking about, and you may even be inspired to try it yourself.

The freaky Halloween look in this video was pulled off by Promise Phan. She is an artist who creates awesome and inspirational looks with makeup and teaches viewers how to recreate the looks on her YouTube channel. She always includes a list of all the products she uses in each tutorial and goes over the key essentials to achieving the best results.

In this video she shows viewers how to make what she calls a ‘face in a face’ look. She draws a second face on the side of her face, and when it’s all done it turns out looking really freaky….Which makes it perfect for Halloween!

While it may look hard to recreate, it’s really not all that difficult. As long as you take your time and have some basic drawing skills, you should be able to pull it off. However, it’s always easier to have someone else draw the face on with a steady hand.

Plus, if they are more artistic than you it will look all the more better. If you do decide to try it yourself, Promise recommends that you take a lot of small breaks because it’s very straining on your eyes. Shading and contouring with the correct colors is what makes this look all the more realistic.

You want to copy the depth, curves, and shades of your face to make the side-face match up and look symmetrical as possible. If you follow along to her lead you can pull off this trippy look, and really freak a lot of unsuspecting people out.

So instead of wasting a lot of money on some costume you’ll likely wear only once, spend a little on some face paint and get out your makeup and go to town!

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This Pirate Kitty Is So Funny. But What He Does At :07 Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

With Summer around the corner Halloween will be here before we know it.  Halloween used to be primarily for the kids.  Trick-or-Treating was the name of the game.  Kids still are all about the candy and their costume choices, but adults have grown more and more involved in the festivities just for themselves.

For the past few years there have been all kinds of creative makeup tricks on the internet, as well as last minute costume ideas etc.  As we all know people love to post their pets doing all kinds of things, and people love seeing the latest adorable animal thing.

Thousands of people buy animal costumes to dress their pets up in hysterical costumes. Adorable.. adorable… adorable and then there is the one you are about to watch in the video below!

I had to rewatch it three times to wrap my head around this cat costume.  It is both extremely weird and adorable.  It is one of the greatest illusions I have ever seen in an animal costume!

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Take The Halloween Candy Age Test Below! Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Now that it’s finally Halloween there’s only one thing on every child’s mind; candy!! Even parents are excited about the sugary treats that their kids will be collecting and hauling home tonight. Whose mom or dad didn’t ever raid their candy stash when they were younger, mine sure did! Luckily for me I didn’t really care all that much for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which were hands down my dad’s absolute favorite candy.

As it turns out, there may be more behind the reason why he likes chocolaty, creamy, peanut buttery types of confections so much, while I prefer the chewy, fruity varieties. It’s due in part to our ages and the decade in which we were born in. You see, every new era has been marked by all-new, mouth watering candies that either sink or swim. The ones which are received extremely well by consumers go on to become much loved treats, while the less popular ones that don’t fare so well get discontinued. Then, out of all the candies that sell like hot cakes, there are the rare few that end up defining the decade. Those are the ones that become iconic.

When we were kids many of us automatically assumed that our favorite candy was relatively new to the market, but it probably wasn’t! This all boils down to marketing strategy and usually happens when brands are overhauled in order to make them appear fresh and exciting again. They get re-vamped and re-packaged for every new cycle of children.

Each generation has its own versions of the best-selling classics. The candy lists from each decade are quite extensive and yet your favorite candy is likely linked to the best selling types from your childhood.

This quiz attempts to guess your approximate age based exclusively on what your Halloween candy preferences happen to be. It looks closely at which candies you like the best, and the ones that you don’t really like much at all, in order to guesstimate your approximate age. Try it now and see how accurate the results you get happen to be, it was spot on for me so I’m sold!! It’s not only fun, it will also get you in the Halloween spirit- and make you hungry, enjoy!

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She Puts An Extra Eye Her Head, But When She Turns To The Camera It’s The Trippiest Transformation

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Happy Halloween Everyone!  You are about to watch an amazing makeup tutorial from YouTuber Promise Tamang.  You may have seen incredible optical illusion makeup before, and thought “how cool”, but felt you could never accomplish such a look that could literally win a prize!

However, when you watch this illusion created you will see how easily you can replicate it, without being an astounding makeup artist.  I know this because after watching the VIDEO you are to view below, I for once, tried it myself and went to a Halloween party last night and blew everyone away!

It took Promise less than two minutes to create the illusion of 4 vertical faces that look exactly like each of her own facial features, that truly confuses you into thinking your vision is blurred!  I have to admit that it took me 15 minutes to create this TRIPPY EFFECT, but that’s hardly a big time investment of time to end up with a Halloween production so far superior to any store bought mundane costume. People thought I had hired a makeup artist to do the look…and believe me I’m no makeup artist!

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This Pup Is Relaxing On His Couch On Halloween Eve, When a Skeleton Suddenly Shows Up To Scare Him

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What happens when a dog meets a skeleton for the very first time? You’re about to find out just in time for Halloween!

In this adorable video Maymo, a sweet natured lemon beagle, comes face to face with an unexpected visitor. He was sprawled out relaxing on the couch one day when a sudden noise caught his attention. A skeleton was inside the house with him and it had peeked around the corner to eye him up! However, by the time Maymo turned his head to look, the skeleton had already gone and disappeared from view. Maymo knew something was off, he could feel a strange presence, and so he sat up on the couch on high alert.

Moments later the skeleton popped up from behind the sofa where he was sitting and spooked him, but he missed it yet again! At this point Maymo was determined to figure out what was going on. He laid back down and waited for the thing to strike again and when the skeleton peeked around the corner a second time he was ready for it. As soon as he heard the noise he whipped his head towards it and came face to face with a bony, bleach white human skeleton!!

Maymo jumped up and barked loudly at the scary figure, and while at first he was frightened by it, he was also curious. He ran over to confront the intruder and after he sniffed it out he saw that it wasn’t scary at all. Instead, his new skeleton friend was awesome, it was like having a bunch of bones to play around and interact with! What dog doesn’t love bones!

If Maymo looks familiar to you then you’ve probably seen one of his videos before. He’s a popular dog who is famous on YouTube and throughout social media for his endearing behavior. He is always up to something new and adorable. No matter what he does, whether it’s running away in fear of Richard Simmons or stealing tasty treats, it’s hilarious and effortlessly cute. Check out his Halloween video here and see how he reacts to the skeleton!

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