She Starts Drawing A Line Down Her Temple. But When She’s Done An Unexpected Surprise!

These days even the skimpy, cheap, mass produced costumes are extremely overpriced. Then you have to pay extra for accessories, makeup, and all the cool little things that make it special. It’s easier to get a little creative and make your own unique outfit that you can tailor to meet your size, needs, wishes, and desires.

One of the easiest ways to create an affordable look that really stands out is by doing some crazy, awesome, freaky makeup. Once you see this tutorial you’ll get what I’m talking about, and you may even be inspired to try it yourself.

The freaky Halloween look in this video was pulled off by Promise Phan. She is an artist who creates awesome and inspirational looks with makeup and teaches viewers how to recreate the looks on her YouTube channel. She always includes a list of all the products she uses in each tutorial and goes over the key essentials to achieving the best results.

In this video she shows viewers how to make what she calls a ‘face in a face’ look. She draws a second face on the side of her face, and when it’s all done it turns out looking really freaky….Which makes it perfect for Halloween!

While it may look hard to recreate, it’s really not all that difficult. As long as you take your time and have some basic drawing skills, you should be able to pull it off. However, it’s always easier to have someone else draw the face on with a steady hand.

Plus, if they are more artistic than you it will look all the more better. If you do decide to try it yourself, Promise recommends that you take a lot of small breaks because it’s very straining on your eyes. Shading and contouring with the correct colors is what makes this look all the more realistic.

You want to copy the depth, curves, and shades of your face to make the side-face match up and look symmetrical as possible. If you follow along to her lead you can pull off this trippy look, and really freak a lot of unsuspecting people out.

So instead of wasting a lot of money on some costume you’ll likely wear only once, spend a little on some face paint and get out your makeup and go to town!

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She Starts To Draw An Eye On Her Forehead. But When She’s Done It’s An Unexpected Surprise!

With Summer right around the corner Halloween will be here before you know it and people will be scrambling to put together the perfect costume. In America alone individual consumers will spend an average of $74.34, according to a recent survey done by Prosper Insights & Analytics and National Retail Federation estimates.

That adds up to a whopping total of almost $7 billion dollars and the bulk of that money is spent on costumes. When it comes to dressing up in fancy outfits and trying to outdo friends, no expense is spared by many.

However, the spooky holiday doesn’t have to be such an expensive, wallet draining experience. There are many fun and effective ways to get creative and you can pull off an amazing look without breaking the bank. One budget friendly way to achieve “wow!” inducing reactions is to focus a look around elaborate makeup and face paint.

Once you have a crazy looking appearance that is way beyond any of the many run of the mill, mass produced costumes, you automatically stand out from the crowd. Plus, by focusing a look around face paint you don’t have to have such an over the top costume and that will inevitable save you lots of money. No one is better at showing people how to create Halloween inspired looks than Promise Phan.

She runs several YouTube channels dedicated to makeup artistry and some of the special effects she pulls off with her palette are just plain awesome. In this video tutorial she shows how to create a Monsters Inc inspired look. Her inspiration from the film was the sorority girl monster ‘Britney Davis’ who has turquoise colored skin, pink hair, and most notable of all, 3 eyes.

Promise switched up the look she was going for and made it much more dramatic by adding two extra eyes. It’s awesome to watch her transform herself in the video and best of all she explains how to copy this exact look so you can achieve it yourself. She always includes a list of the exact products she uses in each video and provides excellent tips and guidelines on how to go about applying the makeup and face paint.

It’s not too late to pick up some cheap makeup and face paint and try this look yourself for Halloween. Even if you aren’t the most artistically talented individual you can always give it a try. Or better yet, ask a friend who knows how to draw and do makeup to do it for you.

Even if the look isn’t exactly what you have in mind, be sure to check out the video, because the least it will do is give you some inspiration!

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This Pirate Kitty Is So Funny. But What He Does At :07 Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

With Summer around the corner Halloween will be here before we know it.  Halloween used to be primarily for the kids.  Trick-or-Treating was the name of the game.  Kids still are all about the candy and their costume choices, but adults have grown more and more involved in the festivities just for themselves.

For the past few years there have been all kinds of creative makeup tricks on the internet, as well as last minute costume ideas etc.  As we all know people love to post their pets doing all kinds of things, and people love seeing the latest adorable animal thing.

Thousands of people buy animal costumes to dress their pets up in hysterical costumes. Adorable.. adorable… adorable and then there is the one you are about to watch in the video below!

I had to rewatch it three times to wrap my head around this cat costume.  It is both extremely weird and adorable.  It is one of the greatest illusions I have ever seen in an animal costume!

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She Places A Fishnet Stocking On Her Head And Adds Powder. The Final Result Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Do it yourself costumes are a surefire way to stand out among the generic costume crowd at any party. A little creativity and ingenuity goes a long way in terms of pulling together an awesome look and there are a countless numbers of videos online that can help you figure out how to go about the process. In this day and age there is practically everything and anything available at your viewing disposal to inspire and help you recreate a look.

This particular video goes over an easy and unique way to pull off a mermaid-type costume. However, it’s not limited to just that, and it can easily be modified and translated over into any other costume look you are going for. YouTube beauty maven Jackie Wyers shows how to use a pair of fishnet stockings and shimmery makeup to achieve a scaly effect.

This trick can be done by anyone, even if you have zero makeup or artistry skills. The stockings act like a stencil and when you pull them off the lines they leave behind look like perfect scales. This could work for a lizard, fish, alien, mermaid, dragon, or other such similar type of costume idea.

Plus, if you change the color of makeup you can make darker, more sinister looking scales that play into the scarier side of Halloween. Also, the stockings can be put on arms, hands, legs, and other body parts to create full body scales, and that would look super intricate and cool!

The video goes beyond the stocking idea and there is a lot more information, tips, and instructions on how to further apply makeup for a mermaid appearance. The finished look is very glam and pretty, and it looks like it took a lot of time and an expert hand to pull off. The best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or skill at all!

Anyone can do it and you can customize the colors and shading to your needs. Check it out and be inspired!

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She Begins To Draw A Line Across Her Cheek. But When She’s Done It’s The Most Unexpected Surprise!

Over the years more and more adults have really gotten into the whole costume extravaganza.  Each year so much money is spent on costumes to outdo what you came up with the year before.  This woman who does this makeup tutorial to create creepy, trippy illusions is just amazing!

What she can teach you to do is not only amazing, but can save you a lot of money. Today’s tutorial is on how to create a creepy mouth.  Clearly she is a makeup artist, and is brilliant at what she does, but she illustrates each step to really make it doable, for those of us who may not be as artistic.

Get ready for her latest innovative makeup illusion, that will leave you astounded and wanting to give it a try. If you are able to recreate this creepy, sexy look, you can be sure that you will really stand out as unique at any costume party!

This is one of my favorite ones that I have seen on the internet.  Step-by-step she will show you how to create this sexy creepy mouth to perfection.  She adds a purple wig at the end and, Voila!  This is really one of the most creative make-up images I have ever seen!

You will definitely be a hit at your next costume party if you can pull this off. Watching her create this face is really magical!

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She Presses A Needle and String Onto Her Lips. The End Result Is So Trippy!

People are doing some crazy and inventive things with makeup these days. There are thousands of tutorials online that teach you how to do all sorts of tricks. Some of the more popular topics and videos are the ones that show people how to cover up zits and tattoos and how to contour their faces to achieve a different or near perfect bone structure.

One of the most interesting niches in the online makeup world is the special effects artists who magically apply makeup and turn a face from normal into wow. Some of the looks that these people pull off are out of this world and they get really inventive with their techniques and ideas. If you need any Halloween inspiration, do a quick search on YouTube and prepare to be blown away!

One of the neatest ones out there is the stitched mouth tutorial on the Promise Phan channel. Her channel is full of awesome makeup how-to videos, and this one fits the upcoming Halloween season well. Best of all, while it looks hard and complicated to do, it’s really not! Even a novice can pull this one off. To try the look at home you will need black thread, spirit gum and remover, brown and red face paint, scissors, and a big needle.

Start off by applying a powdered foundation to your lips so they look nude and colorless. Take a piece of thread, if you have a thinner type you should layer it several times to make it appear thicker and more visible, then apply spirit gum to stick the threads together.

Hold up the thread to your lips and measure how long it has to be, then cut it into 8-10 little pieces of that size. Take either spirit gum or eyelid glue and apply a dot below and above your lips.

Grab a piece of thread and attach it to your face by pressing the ends onto the glue dots, and trim to fit if necessary. When you finish applying the threads take another piece, wrap it around twice, thread the needle onto it, and bind the threads together with spirit gum. Apply another dot of spirit gum to the corner of your mouth and press the thread on until it dries.

To amp the look up, take brown face paint and lightly apply it to the ends of the threads. Follow that with the red paint, but first mix it with a little brown, then go over the thread ends and lightly dab on the reddish-brown color to get a realistic blood effect. The end results of this look are freaky and perfect for taking a Halloween costume to the next level.

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