She Presses A Needle and String Onto Her Lips. The End Result Is So Trippy!

People are doing some crazy and inventive things with makeup these days. There are thousands of tutorials online that teach you how to do all sorts of tricks. Some of the more popular topics and videos are the ones that show people how to cover up zits and tattoos and how to contour their faces to achieve a different or near perfect bone structure.

One of the most interesting niches in the online makeup world is the special effects artists who magically apply makeup and turn a face from normal into wow. Some of the looks that these people pull off are out of this world and they get really inventive with their techniques and ideas. If you need any Halloween inspiration, do a quick search on YouTube and prepare to be blown away!

One of the neatest ones out there is the stitched mouth tutorial on the Promise Phan channel. Her channel is full of awesome makeup how-to videos, and this one fits the upcoming Halloween season well. Best of all, while it looks hard and complicated to do, it’s really not! Even a novice can pull this one off. To try the look at home you will need black thread, spirit gum and remover, brown and red face paint, scissors, and a big needle.

Start off by applying a powdered foundation to your lips so they look nude and colorless. Take a piece of thread, if you have a thinner type you should layer it several times to make it appear thicker and more visible, then apply spirit gum to stick the threads together.

Hold up the thread to your lips and measure how long it has to be, then cut it into 8-10 little pieces of that size. Take either spirit gum or eyelid glue and apply a dot below and above your lips.

Grab a piece of thread and attach it to your face by pressing the ends onto the glue dots, and trim to fit if necessary. When you finish applying the threads take another piece, wrap it around twice, thread the needle onto it, and bind the threads together with spirit gum. Apply another dot of spirit gum to the corner of your mouth and press the thread on until it dries.

To amp the look up, take brown face paint and lightly apply it to the ends of the threads. Follow that with the red paint, but first mix it with a little brown, then go over the thread ends and lightly dab on the reddish-brown color to get a realistic blood effect. The end results of this look are freaky and perfect for taking a Halloween costume to the next level.

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