These Guilty Dogs Are So Happy To See Their Human Until They Realize He Knows What They DID

The two female dogs in the video you are about to watch, are really happy that their human daddy is finally home. Wagging their tails as he greets them jovially, asking them with great glee, “How was your day?! Did you guys have a good day?” Tails wagging and wagging until he asks them why they have chewed up his pants.

When he changes his tone to a mock scolding sound they turn and walk away, each time with their tails between their legs, and repeatedly scamper out of the room. It is hilarious to watch, because their “dad” obviously loves his “girls” and isn’t abusively shaming them in any way. It is so cute how they know he’s not happy about his pants.

On a serious note, however, destructive behavior such as chewing objects that aren’t theirs, is usually a sign of separation anxiety for dogs. It is often more prevalent in adopted animals who have experienced early abandonment.

Regardless of the reason, dogs who show evidence of separation anxiety when their human parent leaves, can be counter conditioned. This can be done by providing a new positive association with being left alone. Over time this new positive association replaces the fear they once had of being left.

Some ways to develop this new kind of association is by pairing being left with a yummy food. Dog puzzle toys can be stuffed with low-fat peanut butter, cream cheese or any delicious treat they enjoy. Freezing a KONG toy stuffed with something yummy will take them even more time to eat.

If they get busy with this pleasant activity for 20-40 minutes after you leave, the positive reconditioning will occur and destructive behaviors will cease. All this being said, these dogs obviously love their owner and vice-versa, and the footage is adorable to watch.

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