She Starts To Draw An Eye On Her Forehead. But When She’s Done It’s An Unexpected Surprise!

With Summer right around the corner Halloween will be here before you know it and people will be scrambling to put together the perfect costume. In America alone individual consumers will spend an average of $74.34, according to a recent survey done by Prosper Insights & Analytics and National Retail Federation estimates.

That adds up to a whopping total of almost $7 billion dollars and the bulk of that money is spent on costumes. When it comes to dressing up in fancy outfits and trying to outdo friends, no expense is spared by many.

However, the spooky holiday doesn’t have to be such an expensive, wallet draining experience. There are many fun and effective ways to get creative and you can pull off an amazing look without breaking the bank. One budget friendly way to achieve “wow!” inducing reactions is to focus a look around elaborate makeup and face paint.

Once you have a crazy looking appearance that is way beyond any of the many run of the mill, mass produced costumes, you automatically stand out from the crowd. Plus, by focusing a look around face paint you don’t have to have such an over the top costume and that will inevitable save you lots of money. No one is better at showing people how to create Halloween inspired looks than Promise Phan.

She runs several YouTube channels dedicated to makeup artistry and some of the special effects she pulls off with her palette are just plain awesome. In this video tutorial she shows how to create a Monsters Inc inspired look. Her inspiration from the film was the sorority girl monster ‘Britney Davis’ who has turquoise colored skin, pink hair, and most notable of all, 3 eyes.

Promise switched up the look she was going for and made it much more dramatic by adding two extra eyes. It’s awesome to watch her transform herself in the video and best of all she explains how to copy this exact look so you can achieve it yourself. She always includes a list of the exact products she uses in each video and provides excellent tips and guidelines on how to go about applying the makeup and face paint.

It’s not too late to pick up some cheap makeup and face paint and try this look yourself for Halloween. Even if you aren’t the most artistically talented individual you can always give it a try. Or better yet, ask a friend who knows how to draw and do makeup to do it for you.

Even if the look isn’t exactly what you have in mind, be sure to check out the video, because the least it will do is give you some inspiration!

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Monster Terrifies Boy When He Pops Out Of No Where. Now Watch When His Sister Confronts The Beast.

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The end of October happens to be many people’s absolute favorite time of year. In the days leading up to Halloween both children and adults are busy preparing and making last minute alterations to their costumes and decorations. Whether you’re looking to be scared or to scare others, there’s something for everyone out there!

In fact, lots of people go all out with the spooky décor and scary accents. They’re easy to spot because they are the ones whose houses are jam packed with skeletons, spiders, ghosts, witches, and interactive ghouls both inside and out. With each passing year there seems to be more and more hyper realistic, complex, and unexpected spooky accents that keep popping up. These decorations can fool just about anyone, including the people in this funny video!

The best part of the clip is hands down the little boy and his sister who are out trick or treating for goodies. As they excitedly approach the front door of a house a grave marker catches the boy’s attention. Right as he’s staring at it a grim reaper looking skeleton pops up from the grave! It takes the boy completely by surprise and he screams aloud in terror, but his little sister is completely unfazed by the whole thing. Instead of freaking out like her brother did, she steps up to the reaper and punches him square in the face right between his blinking red eyes! She is one tough girl who is not to be messed with!

Check out the adorable pair and all the rest in the video short. There are some really funny reactions that will definitely catch you by surprise, especially if you’re easily spooked!

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