Boy Throws a Fit From Scary Halloween Decoration. Now Watch His Tough Lil’ Sis Handle It.

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Some of my favorite memories from childhood are from Halloween. The excitement leading up to it, my mom making our costumes, and of course going from house to house to collect unlimited amounts of candy. I hate to sound like an old timer, but decorations just weren’t as terrifying back in the day.

Today front yard decorations tend to be a lot spookier and ghoulish. For some kids, depending on their age and particular sensitivity to scary things, braving the terrifying decorations to get to the delicious candy can be harrowing.

From the viewpoint of one young vampire trick ‘r treating with his sister, a particular front yard was just a touch too close to a scene from “The Walking Dead”.

The siblings look very close in age, but the sister seems to be the braver of the two. Seeing her brother literally shaking in his shoes at the sight of a gyrating ghoul, she takes matters into her own hands. She strides forward and with great confidence throws a few punches that swiftly take care of the matter!

The video is laugh out loud hysterical! Now onward to the candy!!

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The Dog Is About To Meet His New Little Sister. But His Reaction Is Unexpectedly Hilarious and Strange!

A dog is often a couple’s first “baby”. They coddle it and talk baby talk and cherish it, much as they would a new baby. Then one day it’s time for the new child to arrive. Dogs can vary in their reactions, much as a brother or sister does to a new offspring. The dynamics aren’t really that different.

Dogs may often feel that they are being replaced by the new baby, and sibling rivalry may ensue. Battling for their parent’s attention is normal, and may bring out negative or even aggressive behavior toward the new little one. As with siblings, parents often try to prepare their dog for the baby who is about to enter their world. It is a little more difficult as dogs don’t possess the language that a child does.

The expectant mother, in the video you are about to watch, is sweetly and cleverly trying to prepare Charlie, the family dog, for the birth of the baby that is coming the next day. She employs the dog’s use of scent, by presenting the new baby’s clothes and letting him sniff them. All the while she is explaining that these are the new baby’s things who will be coming soon.

Hoping to prevent some of the potential rivalry, she encourages the dog to explore the baby’s things. Unfortunately, she does not get quite the reaction she had hoped for. Charlie’s reaction is priceless! He lets her know exactly where he stands about the baby. Here’s to hoping that Charlie and his new “sibling” will eventually become good buddies!

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This Older Sister Has 3 Little Brothers That Are Dying. So She Does THIS to Try and Save Their Lives

Three brothers, John, Will and Matthew were diagnosed with a rare cancer of the lymphatic system. They were all under the age of six when they became symptomatic with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. ¬†Although the disease doesn’t normally run in families, all three boys tested positive for a genetic immune disorder called XLP.

Their mother, Christy Jenkins, had to face the possibility of losing her three young sons if someone compatible to donate their bone marrow was not found.  She asked everyone she knew, who were willing, to be tested for a potential bone marrow match.

Their older sister, Julia, who was quite young herself turned out to be a perfect match for John and Matthew, but not for Will. ¬†He received bone marrow from a stranger. ¬†Julia was admitted to the hospital to have bone marrow scraped from her hip to be transplanted in hopes of saving her young brothers’ lives.

Today Julia is thirteen and has little memory of her first donation. ¬†When ¬†subsequent bone marrow was needed she had no hesitation in helping. ¬†She is proud to have played such a major role in saving her brothers’ lives. ¬†Now, after three years, all three brothers are happy and healthy active boys.

Their disease appears to be completely cured, and they only require daily shots to boost their b-cell counts. ¬†Watch this inspirational video and hear their big sis, whom they will be forever indebted to, reflect on what has transpired. ¬†She says, “It’s like a good feeling, because they’re alive because of you.” ¬†Enjoy this video of this truly life-affirming story.

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Monster Terrifies Boy When He Pops Out Of No Where. Now Watch When His Sister Confronts The Beast.

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The end of October happens to be many people’s absolute favorite time of year. In the days leading up to Halloween both children and adults are busy preparing and making last minute alterations to their costumes and decorations. Whether you’re looking to be scared or to scare others, there’s something for everyone out there!

In fact, lots of people go all out with the spooky d√©cor and scary accents. They’re easy to spot because they are the ones whose houses are jam packed with skeletons, spiders, ghosts, witches, and interactive ghouls both inside and out. With each passing year there seems to be more and more hyper realistic, complex, and unexpected spooky accents that keep popping up. These decorations can fool just about anyone, including the people in this funny video!

The best part of the clip is hands down the little boy and his sister who are out trick or treating for goodies. As they excitedly approach the front door of a house a grave marker catches the boy’s attention. Right as he’s staring at it a grim reaper looking skeleton pops up from the grave! It takes the boy completely by surprise and he screams aloud in terror, but his little sister is completely unfazed by the whole thing. Instead of freaking out like her brother did, she steps up to the reaper and punches him square in the face right between his blinking red eyes! She is one tough girl who is not to be messed with!

Check out the adorable pair and all the rest in the video short. There are some really funny reactions that will definitely catch you by surprise, especially if you’re easily spooked!

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