Monster Terrifies Boy When He Pops Out Of No Where. Now Watch When His Sister Confronts The Beast.

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The end of October happens to be many people’s absolute favorite time of year. In the days leading up to Halloween both children and adults are busy preparing and making last minute alterations to their costumes and decorations. Whether you’re looking to be scared or to scare others, there’s something for everyone out there!

In fact, lots of people go all out with the spooky décor and scary accents. They’re easy to spot because they are the ones whose houses are jam packed with skeletons, spiders, ghosts, witches, and interactive ghouls both inside and out. With each passing year there seems to be more and more hyper realistic, complex, and unexpected spooky accents that keep popping up. These decorations can fool just about anyone, including the people in this funny video!

The best part of the clip is hands down the little boy and his sister who are out trick or treating for goodies. As they excitedly approach the front door of a house a grave marker catches the boy’s attention. Right as he’s staring at it a grim reaper looking skeleton pops up from the grave! It takes the boy completely by surprise and he screams aloud in terror, but his little sister is completely unfazed by the whole thing. Instead of freaking out like her brother did, she steps up to the reaper and punches him square in the face right between his blinking red eyes! She is one tough girl who is not to be messed with!

Check out the adorable pair and all the rest in the video short. There are some really funny reactions that will definitely catch you by surprise, especially if you’re easily spooked!

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Video Captures Sneaky Dog Terrifying Unsuspecting Cats Focused on Birds Outside.

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This clip perfectly captures three well-known characteristics that seem to always ring true about cats. One is that they’re extremely curious creatures. Two, felines are easily spooked when something catches their attention. And three, dogs and cats operate on completely different levels!

The home video was captured by the loving mother of three adorable kitties. She happened to catch them all staring intently out the door at a little bird who was hopping around outside on the front porch. The one white and two black cats were completely focused on the sight and absorbed in stalking the bird that they had tuned out the rest of the world around them.

It was while they were mesmerized by the tweety bird that a little curly haired dog comes along. He strolls into view and notices that they’re all looking at something so he naturally heads over to check it out. He sneaks right up behind the three kitties and when they finally notice, he scares the bejeezus out of the poor little guys! They all flip out, jump straight up in the air, and then run off to hide. The scaredy-cats waste no time in skedaddling on out of there as they scatter every which way and bolt off to safety.

The moment is proof that if there’s anything pretty much all domestic cats universally dislike, it’s being caught off guard when they’re hunting, especially if it’s by the family dog! They seem to go absolutely nuts whenever they are truly spooked by something. Felines are naturally curious animals who are known to become easily frightened and the three hilarious cats in this short video are no exception to the rule.

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