THIS Girl Is Walking Down The Street Minding Her Business. Now WATCH What The Guys In White Do To Her!

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This girl was walking down the street minding her business. It was a normal day and she just wanted to get home. That is when some surprise guests walk directly up to her while she has no idea what is going on. Then moments later it all became clear.

YouTuber Stuart Edge and his friends seem to realize that many people don’t have a special someone around Valentine’s Day, and that can make them feel left out and lonely.  With this in mind, they have decided to surprise young women in a most unique way.

The video clip you are about to watch below will bring a smile to your face, as you watch this group of young men do something that is a throwback to more genteel times.

In this era where being politically incorrect, and lack of manners seem to be lauded, their Valentine’s prank is a breath of fresh air.  The expressions on their “victim’s” faces are priceless!

I wish somebody would do this for me! 🙂

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Racer Girl Champion Pranks Her Driving Instructors With Drifting Skills! Their Reactions Are Hilariously Terrified!

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The first day at a new job is often both intimidating and exciting. New hires go in with an idea of what to expect but sometimes end up finding out that the job calls for much more than they bargained for. This was the case when a driving school decided to prank their new employees the first day on the job.

They thought it would be a funny lighthearted way to show the rookies that working there is not about being so serious all the time and to relax, lighten up, and enjoy the ride. Which is hard to do when thrown into this crazy unexpected situation.  The prank starts off with the instructors getting into a souped up car to give a young innocent looking girl what they think is a driving lesson.

She tells them it is her brother’s car and begins to drive quite horribly. She messes up shifting, takes wrong turns and appears to not know what she is doing. The instructors reactions range from understanding and helpful to mildly annoyed at this. When they try to end the lesson she asks for one more chance to get it right.

That is when her slow and atrocious driving turns into a high octane, masterful performance. The girl cranks through gears and sends the car into spins, drifting around a parking lot and coming dangerously close to nearby objects and people. She is an expert and in complete control of the car, but the instructors think she is just a crazy bad driver who may end up killing them.

Their reactions are a combination of hysterical and complete surprise to screaming the whole while. The joke truly worked when you see the looks on their faces! When the car is finally parked in a dramatic sideways sweeping arc the new employees show signs of complete relief and one even jumps out and takes off away from the car.

In the end it is revealed that this was all a trick and the girl was actually a professional racing champion and well known drifter from Malaysia named Leona Chin. She has won multiple championship titles in different divisions all across the world and makes a really convincing actress as well.

Hopefully no one quit after this stunt and they took it all in stride. All in all it was a great way to welcome new people to their team! Enjoy this video is so funny! 🙂

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2 Sisters Are Prepping A Turkey Ready. But They Are Stunned When They Find THIS Inside!

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Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and the day is traditionally centered around a huge feast of tasty foods and drinks. People go all out for the holiday and all sorts of special desserts, pies, and sides are whipped up to accompany the main dish, a big round turkey breast.

Families come together in the kitchen to prepare the big meal, tables are set, and once the turkey’s thermometer has popped and the bird is pulled out of the oven, it’s time to eat! Many families have a designated bird carver, who is the person in charge of slicing up the turkey and doling out the meat.

However, as is with all things tradition, that role gets passed along to the next in line, along with secret recipes and other special cooking duties. One family decided to switch up their Thanksgiving routine and mom and dad came up with a plan to inject a little humor into the pre-dinner process, with a prank!

Naturally, the parents wanted to catch the memorable moment on video and record their unsuspecting kids reactions, so they innocently started filming as one of their daughters began to prepare part of the meal. The daughter, Raquel, was digging some stuffing out of the turkey and idly chatting with her mom, who was behind the camera directing her.

It all seemed fine and normal, but little did Raquel know about what laid in wait deep down inside the oven fresh bird. Suddenly, she came upon something completely unexpected and freaky…a tiny bird was tucked away deep down inside the larger turkey!

The strange discovery proved to be quite upsetting and she immediately started to cry, in both disbelief and sadness at the thought of having just roast a pregnant bird and it’s baby. It seems that in her state of shock and upset Raquel forgot, or failed to realize, the fact that turkeys lay eggs and cannot get pregnant.

That makes her parents prank all the more hilarious and one things for sure, next Thanksgiving mom and dad better watch out.

If I were her I’d want to get a little payback, and maybe turn pranks on other family members into a new Thanksgiving tradition.

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Janitor Was Sick Of Shoveling Snow For The Kids And Faculty. How He Gets His Revenge Is Hysterical!

Snow is beautiful when it’s falling and you’re inside all warm and toasty looking out at it. After a storm passes and leaves behind a fresh coating of snow that covers everything in sight, somebody has to clear it all. Shoveling snow can be a real pain in the rear unless you hire someone to come plow and do it all for you. If you have ever had to do it yourself then you know how easily it can turn into a workout depending on how long and how much walkway you have to shovel!

Most people take the freshly cleared sidewalks and paths they use for granted. They don’t stop to think about how someone had to wake up super early to make sure they were shoveled and salted well before anyone arrived to work or school. This lack of recognition may be part of the reason why one janitor decided to pull a fast one over on the students and faculty at the school where he works.

The sneaky man shoveled a couple of long, winding, snaky paths to nowhere. One circled back around and the other had a few obstacles thrown in along the way. The unsuspecting walkers fell victim to the prank and ended up taking quite a slippery and unnecessary walk, much to their disdain.

A few even followed the path exactly and walked in circles! Most people turned back and retraced their steps, but a few were bold and strayed off into the snow, risking cold, wet feet. Check out their priceless reactions and just how good of a prank this turned out to be.

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Cops Slowly Approach This Car and Ask The Driver To Step Out. The Driver Is The Most Unexpected Surprise!

Grandma almost has a heart attack when youtube trickster Roman Atwood sets up this elaborate prank. Why does he do it? In the end you will find out, and the reason just might surprise you. It all started because grandma wanted to take a ride in her grandson’s new whip.

Being a relentless opportunist, Roman jumps on the chance to combine a certain surprise with a prank that is sure to have your jaw on the floor and your stomach in stitches. After taking her for a spirited ride, producing a string of startled reactions consisting of comical facial expressions and a few censored expletives.

Any wise and caring grandson would let his dear ancestor off the hook at this point and give her the surprise, but not Roman. For him, the prank is just beginning. After a few donuts in a parking lot, he pulls to a stop and tricks her into the drivers seat by telling her he is going to take a picture to send to the family.

She falls for it, and in moments the cops roll up behind the car. They order her out of the car and, after terrifying her for some time, inform her that she is under arrest because the car is stolen. She is quite shocked and mentions that she is an old lady and might have a heart attack, which is what I was thinking the whole time I watched.

Surprisingly, she does not go into cardiac arrest, but lives on to enjoy the special surprise that Roman had planned the whole time, a surprise that makes the whole ordeal wholly worth it?

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Video Captures Sneaky Dog Terrifying Unsuspecting Cats Focused on Birds Outside.

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This clip perfectly captures three well-known characteristics that seem to always ring true about cats. One is that they’re extremely curious creatures. Two, felines are easily spooked when something catches their attention. And three, dogs and cats operate on completely different levels!

The home video was captured by the loving mother of three adorable kitties. She happened to catch them all staring intently out the door at a little bird who was hopping around outside on the front porch. The one white and two black cats were completely focused on the sight and absorbed in stalking the bird that they had tuned out the rest of the world around them.

It was while they were mesmerized by the tweety bird that a little curly haired dog comes along. He strolls into view and notices that they’re all looking at something so he naturally heads over to check it out. He sneaks right up behind the three kitties and when they finally notice, he scares the bejeezus out of the poor little guys! They all flip out, jump straight up in the air, and then run off to hide. The scaredy-cats waste no time in skedaddling on out of there as they scatter every which way and bolt off to safety.

The moment is proof that if there’s anything pretty much all domestic cats universally dislike, it’s being caught off guard when they’re hunting, especially if it’s by the family dog! They seem to go absolutely nuts whenever they are truly spooked by something. Felines are naturally curious animals who are known to become easily frightened and the three hilarious cats in this short video are no exception to the rule.

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