Cops Slowly Approach This Car and Ask The Driver To Step Out. The Driver Is The Most Unexpected Surprise!

Grandma almost has a heart attack when youtube trickster Roman Atwood sets up this elaborate prank. Why does he do it? In the end you will find out, and the reason just might surprise you. It all started because grandma wanted to take a ride in her grandson’s new whip.

Being a relentless opportunist, Roman jumps on the chance to combine a certain surprise with a prank that is sure to have your jaw on the floor and your stomach in stitches. After taking her for a spirited ride, producing a string of startled reactions consisting of comical facial expressions and a few censored expletives.

Any wise and caring grandson would let his dear ancestor off the hook at this point and give her the surprise, but not Roman. For him, the prank is just beginning. After a few donuts in a parking lot, he pulls to a stop and tricks her into the drivers seat by telling her he is going to take a picture to send to the family.

She falls for it, and in moments the cops roll up behind the car. They order her out of the car and, after terrifying her for some time, inform her that she is under arrest because the car is stolen. She is quite shocked and mentions that she is an old lady and might have a heart attack, which is what I was thinking the whole time I watched.

Surprisingly, she does not go into cardiac arrest, but lives on to enjoy the special surprise that Roman had planned the whole time, a surprise that makes the whole ordeal wholly worth it?

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