She Puts An Extra Eye Her Head, But When She Turns To The Camera It’s The Trippiest Transformation

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Happy Halloween Everyone!  You are about to watch an amazing makeup tutorial from YouTuber Promise Tamang.  You may have seen incredible optical illusion makeup before, and thought “how cool”, but felt you could never accomplish such a look that could literally win a prize!

However, when you watch this illusion created you will see how easily you can replicate it, without being an astounding makeup artist.  I know this because after watching the VIDEO you are to view below, I for once, tried it myself and went to a Halloween party last night and blew everyone away!

It took Promise less than two minutes to create the illusion of 4 vertical faces that look exactly like each of her own facial features, that truly confuses you into thinking your vision is blurred!  I have to admit that it took me 15 minutes to create this TRIPPY EFFECT, but that’s hardly a big time investment of time to end up with a Halloween production so far superior to any store bought mundane costume. People thought I had hired a makeup artist to do the look…and believe me I’m no makeup artist!

Please SHARE this unique HALLOWEEN OPTICAL ILLUSION with your family and friends; if they have a party to still attend or are taking their kids trick-or-treating tonight, they will thank you!

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