This Pup Is Relaxing On His Couch On Halloween Eve, When a Skeleton Suddenly Shows Up To Scare Him

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What happens when a dog meets a skeleton for the very first time? You’re about to find out just in time for Halloween!

In this adorable video Maymo, a sweet natured lemon beagle, comes face to face with an unexpected visitor. He was sprawled out relaxing on the couch one day when a sudden noise caught his attention. A skeleton was inside the house with him and it had peeked around the corner to eye him up! However, by the time Maymo turned his head to look, the skeleton had already gone and disappeared from view. Maymo knew something was off, he could feel a strange presence, and so he sat up on the couch on high alert.

Moments later the skeleton popped up from behind the sofa where he was sitting and spooked him, but he missed it yet again! At this point Maymo was determined to figure out what was going on. He laid back down and waited for the thing to strike again and when the skeleton peeked around the corner a second time he was ready for it. As soon as he heard the noise he whipped his head towards it and came face to face with a bony, bleach white human skeleton!!

Maymo jumped up and barked loudly at the scary figure, and while at first he was frightened by it, he was also curious. He ran over to confront the intruder and after he sniffed it out he saw that it wasn’t scary at all. Instead, his new skeleton friend was awesome, it was like having a bunch of bones to play around and interact with! What dog doesn’t love bones!

If Maymo looks familiar to you then you’ve probably seen one of his videos before. He’s a popular dog who is famous on YouTube and throughout social media for his endearing behavior. He is always up to something new and adorable. No matter what he does, whether it’s running away in fear of Richard Simmons or stealing tasty treats, it’s hilarious and effortlessly cute. Check out his Halloween video here and see how he reacts to the skeleton!

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