Hidden Security Cam Caught This Dog Walking Into The Store. What He Does Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

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When it comes to dogs and toys, you just never know what they might end up loving, or hating, to play with. They can be real hard to shop for and thankfully the story is much different when it comes to dogs and food, they often love whatever treat is offered to them and rarely turn their noses up at a bone.

These days there are thousands of different foods and treats available for every type of canine need or desire. Pet stores are packed with various sized bones, from ones meant to improve oral health to the more traditional rawhide types.

The latter of the aforementioned two is what proved irresistible for one dog in Murray, Utah. The four-legged canine was captured by security cameras trotting into Smiths Food & Drug Store alone and unaccompanied by any person in sight. Once inside, the dog stopped briefly to sniff a few of the customers checking out before quickly heading straight over to aisle 16.

It was there in the pet food aisle that he turned from a strange visitor of the store into a brazen criminal. Trying to appear casual, he chomped down on a rawhide bone, took it off the shelf, and headed straight for the exit.

The store’s manager, Roger Adamson, was watching the thievery take place from behind the scenes and rushed to confront the culprit. Adamson managed to intercept the dog before he could make it out the door and firmly ordered him to “Drop it.” However, the dog knew he could escape if he made a run for it, which is exactly what he did.

Footage shows the moment he bounded out the exit with the bone held securely in his mouth. The not so sneaky dog took the bone and ran off with it! In the end, the store was down $2.79 and the dog was up one tasty bone of rawhide.

For the dog, his random crime of opportunity paid off and according to reports, he got away and was never apprehended. Something tells me that it he ever tries this type of stunt again store employees will immediately see and recognize his furry face, and he’ll most definitely get caught.

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