This Man Passed Out In The Middle Of A Busy Road. But Just Keep Your Eyes On What His Dog Does.

When a man fainted on the street in Guizhou, China, his loyal dog stayed right by his side. Amidst the busy and bustling crowds the small cream colored pup kept up his guard against any and all who approached the unconscious man. Even when the police and paramedics arrived he stayed put, and tried to fend them off, but was driven away so they could attend to his owner’s urgent medical needs. The poor dog wanted only to guard and protect his best friend but as long as he was still within sight it was okay that he be forced to back off.

Understandably, the man’s best friend was distressed at the sight of him sprawled out on the ground. The confusing turmoil surrounding them must have been overwhelming. Between the strange people staring, approaching, and trying to help and the loud sirens, lights, and men in uniform, any animal would be stressed by the sudden turn of events. Thankfully, the anxious puppy was allowed to ride in the ambulance and accompany his owner to the hospital. It would have been so sad if he wasn’t and the two were separated.

The dog’s reaction and how he stood guard over his helpless owner is further evidence that dog’s are intensely loyal, unfalteringly protective, and man’s best friend. It makes me wonder if my cat would do the same….Check out the video to see the dog’s heartwarming behavior.

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