THIS Family Went to See The Lions But Instead Got The Scariest Surprise When The Lion Does The UNTHINKABLE!

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Going on an African safari would be a dream come true for me and many others. The sight of beautiful wild animals roaming free in the wild in their natural habitat is a bound to be full of adventure and a once in a life time experience! It can also be very dangerous and scary whenever anyone ventures out freely into a safari park they need to follow all of the rules, stay alert, not tempt their fate, and lock all their car doors!

One group of tourists on safari in South Africa learned this lesson the hardest way ever. They were going through a drive-thru nature park, taking in all the sights and sounds the reserve had to offer, when they come across a pride of lions. The magnificent big cats were casually lounging in the shade and resting in order to escape the mid-day heat when the family pulled up next to them!

The tourists started doing what tourists do best and they began to gingerly snap pics and record a video of the rare encounter. That is when one interested lion decided to check them out. The curious cat got up and slowly walked to the back car door to take a peek inside the vehicle, only the window and door separated these two.

The family was naturally ecstatic and more than excited to capture the rare moment on film and video, and a little nervous as well. They were also completely oblivious as to what was about to happen next. They pulled forward a little and the lion followed. She approached the rear car door, bit down on the handle and pulled back, causing it to instantly swing wide open!

The occupants screamed in surprise and scrambled to quickly slam the door shut. Only after making sure it twas locked did they begin to breathe again. Thankfully, the smart lion’s attempt to get in the car was stopped and what a scary and crazy tale these park visitors caught on their video camera.

Who knew lions were so adept at opening things? Apparently the operators and park rangers know all too well that animals, lions especially, seem to have a knack and special skill for opening doors. That’s why it is a rule that all tourists must stay in their cars with the doors locked the entire time. It’s smart, easy, and very effective but apparently some people just don’t listen and put their lives in grave danger!

Watch the footage below and let us know what you think!

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In Case Of An Emergency This Is The Easiest Way To Break A Car Window. The Result Could Save Lives!

Car windows are made to be as safe and strong as possible and can resist a great amount of force before they break. Safety standards call for automobile windows to be made from laminated and tempered glass. Laminated glass is what your windshield is composed of, while side and back windows have tempered glass. Laminated glass is far superior and stronger than tempered glass, it has to be since front windshields get hit with a variety a projectiles, from rocks and debris kicked up by other cars to larger and crazier things we hear on the news.

While tempered glass used on side windows is comparatively weaker, it is nonetheless practically impossible to break without the right tools. If you ever need to break into a locked car to save a trapped child or animal, as often is the case, watch this video. It teaches how to properly break a window and is useful for when every second matters.

Brian Brushwood, host on the National Geographic show Hacking the System, explains that you need a very fine, hard point to fracture tempered glass. The safety glass is made to withstand blunt forces, like pounding fists or a rubber mallet, but not the focused energy and force from a sharply pointed object. That is why taking a spark plug and smashing a bit of porcelain off of it worked so well in the video. The sharp point on the porcelain created a tiny fracture which then spread out and caused the glass to shatter.

Many cars have spark plugs right under the hood, diesel powered vehicles do not, and they just need to be broken in order to use this hack. Check out the video for more information and pass the knowledge along!

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He Was Driving Down A Deserted Highway At Night. What He Saw I Still Have Chills!

Imagine driving down an empty highway late at night and all alone. All of a sudden up ahead you see large orange cones set up in the middle of each traffic lane. A dark car is pulled off on the shoulder and two shadowy figures stand around. There are no lights or hazards on and no other cars are close-by. As you drive up and ask what is going on one of the men approaches the car and begins to reach into his pocket. What would you do next?

One man caught this exact scene on his dashboard camera and uploaded it to YouTube for the world to witness. Ivan Tukhtin, a car enthusiast, was driving home on Highway 78 late one night from Hoboken, New Jersey with his camera rolling. He suddenly came across the random roadblock and slowed down.

He described his interaction with the two people in an online forum writing, “I didn’t want to hit him so I called him over to my car…and then he reached for his pocket and I dipped and immediately called the cops.” He further added “people are ****ing crazy, don’t trust anyone…i am kind of curious of what he would have done though.”

Tukhtin did what any smart and sane person who values their life would have done in that situation. Even if the people were having car issues it does not excuse the sketchy way they forced the driver to stop, in the middle of the highway, in the dark, late at night, with no hazards on to warn him or hint at possible car problems.

Police later announced that they had arrested the two men in connection with the fake roadblock and charged one with drunk driving and the other with hindering traffic. This story could have ended on a more sinister note had the driver decided not to take off when he did. We will never know what may have happened that night, but thankfully we do know the driver is safe now.

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