THIS Guy From Kenya Dug A Hole For 3 Miles For The Most UNTHINKABLE Reason!

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If you’ve ever had to deal with government bureaucracy and all the red tape that goes along with it, then you know how long and frustrating it can be to get anything done.  It seems like even the simplest of problems can take months, usually even years, to get fixed. By the time that happens, most people have already found ways around whatever the issue may be or gone ahead and tried to fix it themselves.

It’s not just an American or first world problem, even the remotest of places in the middle of Africa are stuck dealing with government ineptitude.  For the small village of Kaganda, located two hours north of Nairobi, Kenya, residents had been asking the local government to build a road for years, yet they never seemed to get anywhere.  A date had previously been set to begin construction but that was over 5 years ago, so they began to lose hope of ever getting the road built.

The villagers badly needed this particular road built because there was only one paved road in town and a couple of dirt ones.  The one road that brings them to the closest market and church in the area isn’t a direct route, instead they have to travel 2.5 miles out of the way to get there.  Then they must walk that extra 2.5 miles with all their groceries on the way back. Despite their constant pleas for a new direct route to the market, the government could not get the ball rolling and they remained majorly inconvenienced for years.  

For a while the villagers used a shortcut through the bush, but they were cutting across private property.  The property owner eventually put a fence up, effectively blocking the shortcut, and so they went back to taking the long way.  At that point, a local 45 year old man named Nicholas Muchami decided to get the job done the old fashioned way. He was sick of waiting for a road that might not ever get built and so he set to work digging it himself.  

Using just the farm tools he had, he worked to clear the land.  He cut down trees and bushes, pulled up roots, and dug out a path for the road that would lead directly from the village to the market area.  Nicholas worked tirelessly from 7am to 5pm no matter what the weather was or how hot it got. In just six days he had managed to clear 1.5km and had made a dirt road wide enough for cars to drive on and the villagers were thrilled.  

Eventually Nicholas had to take a break from his volunteer work.  He normally worked odd jobs to make money and since he wasn’t getting paid, he needed to get back to work to provide for his family.  He also needed to rest, and when he did a few other villagers picked up where he’d left off to help finish the road.  

News of the road and how it was built soon spread and major news outlets like the BBC sent camera crews to get pictures of it.  When the story went global people started sending Nicholas gifts, food, and money to help support and show how much they appreciated what he was doing.  Their kind gifts enabled him to focus and work only on the road, which he soon completed.  

In the end, Nicholas had dug just under three miles almost all by himself.  When asked what motivated him, he said that he did it for the women and children in the village and to save everyone time.  Now trips to the market or church are drastically shorter and the elderly, sick, and disabled can take a car there in just minutes.  All this is possible because one man decided to do the work himself rather than wait for the government who had been promising it for years.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Video – This Guy Sets Up A Camera On The Side Of This Road. But What He Caught Is Terrifying!

It takes a special type of human to become a storm chaser. What seems like a fun adrenaline rush can turn extremely dangerous in seconds! Storm chasing is defined as going on pursuit of any powerful and severe weather storm. It does not matter what your motives are, whether it be adventure, scientific, news coverage, curiosity or just plain insanity!

The number 1 most sought after storm to chase is a twister. While other storms such as hurricanes, tropical cyclones and waterspouts are followed less often because they are more spread out but can be even more devastating. Their speed, impact, precision and scary beauty which can lead to complete devastation in minutes makes twisters one of the most dangerous types of weather on the planet!

In the video below a guy has been chasing storms every month throughout the year across all of America. He put all the footage together into a mind blowing time lapse video which is jaw dropping and beautiful beyond belief. Nature is so amazing. He picks the perfect spots to film being an absolute expert at his craft and man did all his hard work pay off!

This truly is the best storm video I have ever seen in my life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let us know what you think! Enjoy!

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THIS King Cobra Is Holding Up Traffic. Then An UNTHINKABLE Surprise Snatches Him Off The Street!

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King cobras have earned their fearsome reputation as a deadly snake whose bite contains enough venom to kill a human. In some cases, people have died less than 30 minutes after the deadly bite, and those who survive have reported that it’s extremely painful to endure and can have long lasting detrimental effects on the human body.

Even more astounding is the fact that their bite is capable of killing huge elephants in mere hours. While king cobras usually prefer to avoid humans, contact with them is inevitable as we encroach more and more on their territory. They can be found all across India and Southeast Asia!

One little, scrappy feisty mammal has absolutely no fear of the deadly king cobra. This mammal is the mongoose! They are very smart, clever and are well known for their ability to fight snakes, particularly cobras, often winning and then eating them whole. Some species of mongoose are resistant to the neurotoxins found in snake venom which makes then a natural predator to the snakes. Basically making the snakes main weaponry obsolete!

In the short footage below a king cobra has found a sunny and relaxing spot to bask in the sun on the warm paved road. The slinky snake has unknowingly stopped traffic and people quickly pull out their phones and cameras to snap pics and film the dangerous creature. Thankfully, in India they are protected and anyone found guilty of killing one can be sentenced up to 6 years in prison, so no one would dare run it over so publicly!

But that doesn’t mean the snakes out of danger because nearby its fiercest enemy lurks. A mongoose spots the snake, sees dinner, and advances towards it with no hesitation. The two battle each other, with the snake striking multiple times and the fast mongoose dodging and weaving his way around the assault. It soon ends and the mongoose emerges as the victor, carrying his cobra off the road with him so he can eat it in privacy.

I would never have thought the mongoose would win, or even be so brave. I guess a little knowledge goes a long way, and hope you learned as much as I did.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

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This Guy Spots A Strange Newborn Baby Deer Laying In The Road But Then He Notices THIS..

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When I first began watching the video you are about to see below, it looked as if Steve Knoop and his friends had come upon a fawn that had been hit by a vehicle.  It was lying in the middle of the road on pavement, with it’s legs in a position that made it appear to be hurt.

Luckily these men saw it as they were driving along, and didn’t run over the baby.  They approached the fawn with caution to see  exactly what it’s condition was.  In the video you hear these concerned men discuss what they observe to be a newborn baby deer whose mother seems to have given birth in the middle of the road.

As they get closer they see that he is not injured and that his mother is watching the scene from the woods at the side of the road.  Unsure of whether they should move him or not they discuss the alternative. They quickly decide that leaving him there would endanger his life, which leads Paul to very gently lift him from the middle of the road and quickly deposit the baby near the side of the woods.

What happens next sends the men into shouts of jubilation! Watch The Video Below and Enjoy!

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This Man Was Driving Down A Deserted Highway Late At Night. What He Saw I Still Have Chills!

Imagine driving down an empty highway late at night and all alone. All of a sudden up ahead you see large orange cones set up in the middle of each traffic lane. A dark car is pulled off on the shoulder and two shadowy figures stand around. There are no lights or hazards on and no other cars are close-by. As you drive up and ask what is going on one of the men approaches the car and begins to reach into his pocket! What would you do next?

One man caught this exact scene on his dashboard camera and uploaded it to YouTube for the world to witness. Ivan Tukhtin, a car enthusiast, was driving home on Highway 78 late one night from Hoboken, New Jersey with his camera rolling. He suddenly came across the random roadblock and slowed down.

He described his interaction with the two people in an online forum writing, “I didn’t want to hit him so I called him over to my car…and then he reached for his pocket and I dipped and immediately called the cops.” He further added “people are ****ing crazy, don’t trust anyone…i am kind of curious of what he would have done though.”

Tukhtin did what any smart and sane person who values their life would have done in that situation. Even if the people were having car issues it does not excuse the sketchy way they forced the driver to stop, in the middle of the highway, in the dark, late at night, with no hazards on to warn him or hint at possible car problems.

Police later announced that they had arrested the two men in connection with the fake roadblock and charged one with drunk driving and the other with hindering traffic. This story could have ended on a more sinister note had the driver decided not to take off when he did. We will never know what may have happened that night, but thankfully we do know the driver is safe now.

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VIDEO: He Stops His Car On The Road When He Sees This Lost Goose. What Happens Next INCREDIBLE!

Wow! That’s the first word that comes to mind after watching this amazing video depicting the unbelievable kindness of a man who comes upon a wild goose seemingly lost on a country road near Alberta, Canada. He was driving along in his pickup truck when he noticed the goose wandering along without direction.

Wild geese can be very aggressive towards other animals and humans, but that didn’t stop this caring man from stopping to get out of his truck and speak gently to the lost goose. He spoke in such a soothing and encouraging tone, that the goose never let out one squawk. He seemed to sense the man’s compassion and trusted him on such a gut level, that what happened next was awe-inspiring.

The man got back into his truck and the goose began following on foot and then took flight following the truck. After going a ways, the driver got out and spoke to the goose again telling him he would lead him back to his buddies at the nearby Shining Bank Lake. Getting back in his truck again, the goose takes flight, continuing to follow this amazingly kind man.

This was no wild goose chase! Rather, it was a beautiful example of trust between a human and a wild animal, that not only saved the goose from being run over, but led him back to the safety of his natural environment.

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