Dad Left His 2-Year-Old Baby Girl With a Stranger At Court! He Came Back To an Unexpected Surprise!

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No one wants to get pulled over by the cops but for many of us it eventually ends up happening.  Everyday thousands of people get cited for driving offenses and whether it’s for speeding or having a headlight out, there’s always the possibility that you’ll end up getting a ticket.  If and when you do, that’s usually just the beginning, afterwards the stressful process of dealing with it begins. Sometimes you can just pay a fine but for some infractions, or if you choose to fight the ticket, you have to go to court.

Such was the case for Jose Moncayo of Orem, Utah when he received a notice to appear in traffic court for a ticket.  Being the father of a two year old daughter named Abi, he tried to arrange childcare for when he’d be in court. After asking his friends and family, none of them were able to help on such short notice, so he had no choice but to bring his little girl to court with him.

Oftentimes in traffic court you have to wait for your turn to appear which is what Jose and his daughter did.  Being stuck in the hallway of a government building is less than exciting for anyone, especially for a young child, and Abi quickly grew bored and restless.  She wandered around and would walk off looking for something to do, forcing Jose to chase after and keep a close eye on her.

When it was finally his turn to go before the judge, he took Abi’s hand and was about to enter the courtroom when the bailiff stopped him and said that children were not allowed inside.  What was he to do? He couldn’t leave his young daughter alone and he couldn’t bring her with him, there was no real option at that point.

Thankfully, officer Kevin Norris was nearby and offered to watch Abi while her dad went before the judge.  He had been in the hallway with the pair and was also waiting his turn to go in the courtroom. As a father himself and seeing the dilemma Jose was in, he didn’t hesitate to volunteer to babysit Abi.  Since he was in uniform, Jose felt it would be okay to leave his daughter with the cop, plus at that point it was his only real option. While he dealt with the traffic ticket, officer Norris and Abi had as wonderful time you could in a court building.  

They pair walked around and explored the courthouse further than she’d been able to before.  They went hand in hand to the water fountain and visited various officials who ended up giving the little girl treats.  When that got old officer Norris took out his cell phone and played cartoons, he knew his own children loved to watch for the girl.  After a short while, Abi grew tired and eventually fell asleep next to him with her head resting on his tummy!

That was the sight that greeted her father when he finally emerged from the courtroom.  He couldn’t believe his energetic daughter was asleep in the officer’s arms and before he woke her, he took a picture of the sweet scene.  What had been a terrible predicament had turned out to be what was arguably the best possible scenario. His daughter actually had a good time while waiting at the courthouse and was safe and sound with officer Norris.  It just goes to show how a little kindness and understating goes a long way and can make a big difference in people’s lives.

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Everyday He Mysteriously Visited THIS Strangers Grave! But I Cried When I Found Out The Unthinkable Reason Why!

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Over twenty five years ago Wayne Hartshorne from Staffordshire, England had gone to visit his grandfather’s grave at a local cemetery when he noticed something strange.  On his way out just as he was leaving, he happened to pass by the grave of an Australian RAAF pilot, Warrant Officer John Benjamin Burrows. Wayne was surprised that an Australian man had been buried in the UK, it was so far away from his home country, and he decided then and there that he would tend the gravesite and keep it nice out of respect for the World War II soldier.

Years passed by and eventually some friends of Wayne resolved to figure out the story behind the young man.  From time to time Wayne had tried to look into Burrows past but the information he found was limited in scope.  The two men he turned to for answers were Richard Pursehouse and Lee Dent, both of whom were military researchers.  They uncovered the story of Burrows and how he came to lay to rest in England.

Burrows had been born in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia back in July 1921.  After enlisting in Melbourne he was sent to Britain to train as a navigator with the 297 Squadron, which flew out of RAF Netheravon near Salisbury.  In 1942 he married a local woman named Edna Marjorie Ruth Preece and was sadly only with her for six months.

On April 5, 1943 he had been on a mission that involved dropping propaganda leaflets over German-occupied France that come under heavy fire.  The pilot tried to make it back to base but the damaged plane and heavy fog blanketing the area caused them to crash. Three airmen did survive that accident, but the pilot and Burrows were killed. 

His life had been cut short and he left behind a young widow in Staffordshire.  It is believed that she wanted him buried nearby rather than sent home to Australia and so the cemetery in Cannock, England was where he was laid to rest.  His parents, Alexander and Ada Burrows, picked out a gravestone and had it inscribed with the words “Still living, Still ours, Father and Mother.”  

For years Burrows grave had been left alone and no one ever tended to it or came to visit.  His family were so far away and the only connection he had to the area, his widow, had moved to the US and remarried after his death.  When Wayne came across the grave that fateful day in 1992, he vowed to keep the memory of Burrows alive and every month since he has visited it when he goes to see his grandparents.  

A groundskeeper by trade, the upkeep work comes naturally to him.  He’s planted flowers and trims the grass. He believes it’s the least he can do and now that he knows the story behind the soldier his work has become all the more meaningful.

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Stranger Creeps Up Behind THIS Lady In an Elevator and Grabs Her But Then The UNTHINKABLE Occurs!

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No means no and if one fails to understand the hints that someone they’re bothering is totally uninterested, then they shouldn’t be surprised if and when they get slapped in the face and kicked to the ground.

That’s exactly what happened to one overly aggressive man in China when he tried to grope a woman in an elevator. The pair were riding in the lift alone when CCTV footage captured the shocking scene unfold. It’s believed to have occurred this year on the evening of April 24th and has since gone viral, first on China’s social media site Weibo, and now across the globe.

The clip shows a woman who is minding her own business and looking down at her cell phone. A man can be seen checking her out from the side, then he moves around behind her and lurks, as if he’s looking over her shoulder. She immediately moves away from him to the other side of the elevator and packs up her phone, placing it in her bag.

Meanwhile, the guy is still acting shifty as he sticks his hands in his pockets and moves around behind her once again. This time he goes even further and places his hand on the woman’s shoulder. Now that he’s physically touching her, the woman decides to put an end to whatever messed up plans he may have in mind.

She hits his hand away then turns and slaps the living daylights out of the creep! He goes flying and falls into the corner of the elevator. If it wasn’t for the walls he’d have ended up on the ground but instead he staggers back towards her. That’s when she decides to really and truly disable the guy, by swiftly kicking him right between the legs, but she’s not done yet.

While he’s doubled over in pain she grabs his head and raises her knee to his face which sends him flying backwards. As he lays on the floor she presses the elevator buttons before exiting seconds later.

Since the video was posted on YouTube by People’s Daily, China it’s been viewed almost 4 million times. It also demonstrates how to not approach and basically harass a woman in such an ugly, disrespectful manner. This creep got what he deserved and he’s lucky she stopped when she did.

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This Man Was Driving Down A Deserted Highway Late At Night. What He Saw I Still Have Chills!

Imagine driving down an empty highway late at night and all alone. All of a sudden up ahead you see large orange cones set up in the middle of each traffic lane. A dark car is pulled off on the shoulder and two shadowy figures stand around. There are no lights or hazards on and no other cars are close-by. As you drive up and ask what is going on one of the men approaches the car and begins to reach into his pocket! What would you do next?

One man caught this exact scene on his dashboard camera and uploaded it to YouTube for the world to witness. Ivan Tukhtin, a car enthusiast, was driving home on Highway 78 late one night from Hoboken, New Jersey with his camera rolling. He suddenly came across the random roadblock and slowed down.

He described his interaction with the two people in an online forum writing, “I didn’t want to hit him so I called him over to my car…and then he reached for his pocket and I dipped and immediately called the cops.” He further added “people are ****ing crazy, don’t trust anyone…i am kind of curious of what he would have done though.”

Tukhtin did what any smart and sane person who values their life would have done in that situation. Even if the people were having car issues it does not excuse the sketchy way they forced the driver to stop, in the middle of the highway, in the dark, late at night, with no hazards on to warn him or hint at possible car problems.

Police later announced that they had arrested the two men in connection with the fake roadblock and charged one with drunk driving and the other with hindering traffic. This story could have ended on a more sinister note had the driver decided not to take off when he did. We will never know what may have happened that night, but thankfully we do know the driver is safe now.

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Child Tells Mommy and Daddy Somebody Is Speaking To Him At The Night. When Mom Finds Out The Scary Truth.

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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. A complete stranger gains access to their baby’s bedroom and takes pictures of the young child without their knowledge, then posts them online for anyone to see. For one couple this wasn’t a bad dream, it was reality. Now they’re telling their story to bring attention to how this all happened, so people are aware and that hopefully it never happens again.

About a year ago the couple, Sara and Jay, were living in Washington with their 3-year-old son. The disturbing incident came to light one day when the child told them that he was scared to sleep alone at night and that someone was talking to him on the phone.

At first they were unsure what he actually meant, but soon afterwards they heard voices coming through the baby monitor that was located in his bedroom. Jay heard a man’s voice saying something along the lines of “wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you” and after that, when Sara entered the child’s room, the man could be heard talking about how someone was coming. That’s when the realization set in that some sicko had hacked into their baby monitor and was using it to speak to their son and spy on them.

The hackers had also gained control of the night vision camera lens and were able to move it around and see everything in the room. Freaked out by the whole thing, the couple contacted the baby monitor maker, Foscam, and notified the company of the strange situation.

Foscam told the worried parents that it was possible a hacker could gain access to the system. Once in, the hacker could easily control the camera from their own computer or even with just a smart phone app. As if all of this wasn’t frustrating and scary enough, the company also said that there was no way to track down and figure out who the hacker was or where he lived.

Needless to say, the parents threw the compromised baby monitor in the trash and are now using their story to warn others about the potential for incidents like this. Crimes involving internet connected devices are on the rise as more and more people own and use them regularly. Baby monitors may be at particular risk as many of them now use WiFi and come with smartphone apps and features.

Besides invasion of privacy, experts warn this can lead to identity theft and other crimes. It’s highly recommend that people regularly change their WiFi and any camera network passwords they may have frequently. It’s the least you can do to protect your family and yourself from criminals.

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