Dad Left His 2-Year-Old Baby Girl With a Stranger At Court! He Came Back To an Unexpected Surprise!

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No one wants to get pulled over by the cops but for many of us it eventually ends up happening.  Everyday thousands of people get cited for driving offenses and whether it’s for speeding or having a headlight out, there’s always the possibility that you’ll end up getting a ticket.  If and when you do, that’s usually just the beginning, afterwards the stressful process of dealing with it begins. Sometimes you can just pay a fine but for some infractions, or if you choose to fight the ticket, you have to go to court.

Such was the case for Jose Moncayo of Orem, Utah when he received a notice to appear in traffic court for a ticket.  Being the father of a two year old daughter named Abi, he tried to arrange childcare for when he’d be in court. After asking his friends and family, none of them were able to help on such short notice, so he had no choice but to bring his little girl to court with him.

Oftentimes in traffic court you have to wait for your turn to appear which is what Jose and his daughter did.  Being stuck in the hallway of a government building is less than exciting for anyone, especially for a young child, and Abi quickly grew bored and restless.  She wandered around and would walk off looking for something to do, forcing Jose to chase after and keep a close eye on her.

When it was finally his turn to go before the judge, he took Abi’s hand and was about to enter the courtroom when the bailiff stopped him and said that children were not allowed inside.  What was he to do? He couldn’t leave his young daughter alone and he couldn’t bring her with him, there was no real option at that point.

Thankfully, officer Kevin Norris was nearby and offered to watch Abi while her dad went before the judge.  He had been in the hallway with the pair and was also waiting his turn to go in the courtroom. As a father himself and seeing the dilemma Jose was in, he didn’t hesitate to volunteer to babysit Abi.  Since he was in uniform, Jose felt it would be okay to leave his daughter with the cop, plus at that point it was his only real option. While he dealt with the traffic ticket, officer Norris and Abi had as wonderful time you could in a court building.  

They pair walked around and explored the courthouse further than she’d been able to before.  They went hand in hand to the water fountain and visited various officials who ended up giving the little girl treats.  When that got old officer Norris took out his cell phone and played cartoons, he knew his own children loved to watch for the girl.  After a short while, Abi grew tired and eventually fell asleep next to him with her head resting on his tummy!

That was the sight that greeted her father when he finally emerged from the courtroom.  He couldn’t believe his energetic daughter was asleep in the officer’s arms and before he woke her, he took a picture of the sweet scene.  What had been a terrible predicament had turned out to be what was arguably the best possible scenario. His daughter actually had a good time while waiting at the courthouse and was safe and sound with officer Norris.  It just goes to show how a little kindness and understating goes a long way and can make a big difference in people’s lives.

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