Stranger Creeps Up Behind THIS Lady In an Elevator and Grabs Her But Then The UNTHINKABLE Occurs!

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No means no and if one fails to understand the hints that someone they’re bothering is totally uninterested, then they shouldn’t be surprised if and when they get slapped in the face and kicked to the ground.

That’s exactly what happened to one overly aggressive man in China when he tried to grope a woman in an elevator. The pair were riding in the lift alone when CCTV footage captured the shocking scene unfold. It’s believed to have occurred this year on the evening of April 24th and has since gone viral, first on China’s social media site Weibo, and now across the globe.

The clip shows a woman who is minding her own business and looking down at her cell phone. A man can be seen checking her out from the side, then he moves around behind her and lurks, as if he’s looking over her shoulder. She immediately moves away from him to the other side of the elevator and packs up her phone, placing it in her bag.

Meanwhile, the guy is still acting shifty as he sticks his hands in his pockets and moves around behind her once again. This time he goes even further and places his hand on the woman’s shoulder. Now that he’s physically touching her, the woman decides to put an end to whatever messed up plans he may have in mind.

She hits his hand away then turns and slaps the living daylights out of the creep! He goes flying and falls into the corner of the elevator. If it wasn’t for the walls he’d have ended up on the ground but instead he staggers back towards her. That’s when she decides to really and truly disable the guy, by swiftly kicking him right between the legs, but she’s not done yet.

While he’s doubled over in pain she grabs his head and raises her knee to his face which sends him flying backwards. As he lays on the floor she presses the elevator buttons before exiting seconds later.

Since the video was posted on YouTube by People’s Daily, China it’s been viewed almost 4 million times. It also demonstrates how to not approach and basically harass a woman in such an ugly, disrespectful manner. This creep got what he deserved and he’s lucky she stopped when she did.

Watch the video below:

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