She Heard Scratching At Her Door Opened It And Saw THIS. Moments Later an Unexpected Surprise!

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When you hear someone at your front door unexpectedly, you usually assume it’s the mailman, UPS or FedEx.  Sometimes you worry that it’s someone trying to sell you something, so you peek around to check it out before you actually open the door.

The two women who were home certainly never expected to see an animal staring at them!  Well maybe a stray dog or cat could be within the realm of expectation, but certainly not the exotic creature that was gazing up at them.

A baby owl!?!  What in the world?  Not only is it rare to see an owl up close, but to find one at your front door is astounding!  The women coo and talk to this unexpected visitor in sheer wonder.  What is he doing at their front door?  “Hello Mr. Owl” one woman says, half expecting that he will offer a greeting or an explanation.

What she was doing during this “owl banter” was figuring out what to do with this baby, who barely moved and just kept staring at her.  She knew better than to handle him, and started to worry about his safety.  She decided to call the local bird sanctuary to come help the seemingly lost baby owl.

This was a great decision, as it turned out the poor little thing had fallen out of it’s nest, and hadn’t yet learned to fly!  He needed to be returned to his mom before his life was endangered.  Thank goodness this women did the right thing.  Enjoy the video below of this mesmerizing encounter.

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Two Baby Elephants Wandered Off and Got Lost. Their Reaction When They Find Mama Is Priceless!

These baby elephants got adventurous and meandered away from their family to check out the surroundings. Their excitement upon returning seems to imply that the double trouble may have been a little turned around whilst strolling the hood. The siblings noticeably quickened their pace to a full run once they recognized the safety of their mother, and not even a gushing stream could slow them from reaching their sanctuary.

Elephants are social creatures who have an interesting dynamic of community. Females spend their entire lives within a group of ten or more elephants which consists of several mothers and their offspring. The gang is governed by the oldest female until she is either to weak to reign or deceased, and then control is taken by the oldest daughter, even if the mother’s sister is present.

Families do interact with outside groups, forming clans of up to nine families who work together to protect their regions during harsh seasons. Adult male elephants live a more independent lifestyle. As they develop, males spend time on the outskirts of their group rather than being secured between matriarchs, and socialize with other males and families.

Around fourteen or fifteen years old, they spend the majority of their time away from their family and the adult females begin to act aggressively toward them, which pushes them to leave the nursing unit permanently. After their departure, males live as bachelors by themselves or in a group of other males.

Watch the adorable video below. It totally made my day. It’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all week. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Run little ones run!

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VIDEO: He Stops His Car On The Road When He Sees This Lost Goose. What Happens Next INCREDIBLE!

Wow! That’s the first word that comes to mind after watching this amazing video depicting the unbelievable kindness of a man who comes upon a wild goose seemingly lost on a country road near Alberta, Canada. He was driving along in his pickup truck when he noticed the goose wandering along without direction.

Wild geese can be very aggressive towards other animals and humans, but that didn’t stop this caring man from stopping to get out of his truck and speak gently to the lost goose. He spoke in such a soothing and encouraging tone, that the goose never let out one squawk. He seemed to sense the man’s compassion and trusted him on such a gut level, that what happened next was awe-inspiring.

The man got back into his truck and the goose began following on foot and then took flight following the truck. After going a ways, the driver got out and spoke to the goose again telling him he would lead him back to his buddies at the nearby Shining Bank Lake. Getting back in his truck again, the goose takes flight, continuing to follow this amazingly kind man.

This was no wild goose chase! Rather, it was a beautiful example of trust between a human and a wild animal, that not only saved the goose from being run over, but led him back to the safety of his natural environment.

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This Dog Has Been Waiting 5 Months For Her Human. The Reason Why Tore My Heart Up!

Indubitably, there is no creature which better showcases the splendid virtue of loyalty, than the admirable dog. As you will soon see for yourself, in the simultaneously heart wrenching and heartwarming actions of a dog whose abundance of fierce devotion is rarely matched, among any known species.

Five months ago, her human met a tragic end by the hand of a drunk driver. Still, she continues the routine that she had followed for years prior. Every day, down the country road she saunters, guided by the desire to greet her best friend.

She waits In the field, where she had always waited to greet him on his way home from work every day. There she has waited since, leaving only for necessities and the occasional social visit with her human’s surviving family.

Her display of love and loyalty is an inspiration rarely witnessed, and it is inclined to bring a tear of bittersweet affection to the eyes of many a viewer. The beautiful expression of unconditional love that pets embody is a powerful therapy for the human race.

Even once her human is gone, she remains dedicated even without reinforcement. Why does she do it? What is her motivation? Truly, we can only speculate. But for anyone who has enjoyed the unparalleled experience of loving a pet, the answers to those questions might be felt better than spoken.

We can see why she waits, for we know that our furry friend would do the same for us. Protect your pets, they love you so very much.

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He Found a Lost Piglet and Tried To Find The Owner. When He Realizes Who It Is It Tore My Heart Up!

A true friend can be hard to find. For some, their best friend is a brother or sister, for others it is their spouse. Many people find friendship in their pets; still others find friendship with plants. No matter how different our friends are, we can all agree that friends bring warmth and joy to our lives..

In this heartwarming video, a man finds a friend in an unlikely place. When he comes across a piglet stranded on the side of the road, his search begins to find its owner. After searching high and low, he finally gets a lead, but where it leads makes his heart drop.

Will he be able to bring himself to give Sue back to her rightful owner? No matter who your friends are, life is better when you are with them! Did this video touch your heart or make you smile?

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