Do Your Remember That Viral Picture of The ‘Nigerian Witch’ Boy. Wait Until You See Him Now!

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In January of 2016 Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish aid worker, went to Nigeria as part of a rescue mission.  It was there that she met a little boy, now named Hope, who was about 2 years old when he changed her life forever.  The child was in dire condition and yet no one seemed to care. He had been accused of being a witch by his family and was cast out onto the streets, left to fend for himself for at least eight months.  When he was found he was naked, homeless, skeletal, his body was riddled with worms, and he was starved to the point where he was nearly dead.  

When the aid group that Anja was part of came across Hope he was standing on a dirt road holding a small piece of cracker in one hand.  Anja had bent down to give him a sip of water from a plastic bottle and the moment was captured in a photo that went viral across the globe after she shared it online.  

People were shocked and outraged at the treatment and condition of the poor small boy who had done nothing to deserve such a sad life.  More importantly, they were moved to contribute to the charity that Anja set up, African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF), which rescues abandoned children just like Hope who have been accused of being witches.  They have their work cut out for them, in Nigeria alone there are an estimated 15,000 children who have been accused of witchcraft and the issue is growing. Oftentimes they live as social pariahs, many are beaten, tortured, or simply left to fend for themselves, sadly some end up murdered.  

Thanks to the charity, many get a second chance at life.  After Anja and her mission co-workers rescued Hope from the streets, he received treatment for malnutrition and a variety of medical conditions.  Today he lives alongside 35 other children at an orphanage that Anja and her husband, David Emmanuel Umen, manage in Eket, Nigeria.  

As you can see from the updated photo that she recreated with him, Hope looks nothing like his former self.  Now he is healthy and smiling, dressed in new school clothes, his eyes shine bright, and he looks ready to take on life.  Only a year had passed between the two pictures and the change is absolutely astounding. His recovery is a testament not only to the work that Anja and other charities like hers do, but also to what a difference the love, understanding, and hope they are given can make. 

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THIS Dad Found His Young Son With Some Disturbing Photos. His Explanation Sent Chills Up My Spine!

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Eleven year old James Leininger found out at an early age that he used to be James Huston, a World War II fighter pilot who died near the coast of Japan. The boy displayed a deep fascination for World War II fighter planes when he was a toddler by drawing numerous pictures of them, and flying them in simulators with skill.

He is recorded stating, “I can beat the Japanese as easy as pie.” James proved over and over again that he was genuinely familiar with the air crafts and their duties. The boy began having frequent night terrors to go along with his violent drawings of bombings. He would cry that “airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out,” and act out the scene on his back with his legs kicking in the air.

When Andrea and Bruce Leininger, his parents, asked James who the little man was, James replied that it was him. He miraculously recalled what kind of plane he was in, and that it was shot down by the Japanese after taking off from a boat called Natoma. He even identified himself as James 3, the third James.

James Leininger hopes that by sharing his experience the world will be able to realize how precious life is. The family published a book with his stories, Soul Survivor, to help people understand how fast life can be taken from you, and to open their eyes to reincarnation. Whether you believe in a soul living many lives or not, it inspiring and thought provoking.

James’ tale begs the question, are you appreciating your life as if today could be your last?

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This Woman Refused To Sit Next To This Guy. When He Realizes Why He Was Blown Away!

The days of segregation in the deep South are gone, we elected our first Black President of the United States, apartheid was eradicated in South Africa…we have certainly come a long way in the last 60 years. Overt racism has certainly shrunk, but have our attitudes really changed covertly?

Many people throughout the world still harbor racist thinking which they pass on to their children. Jokes that are told at the expense of an ethnic group that isn’t yours, can be quite cruel, and can perpetuate stereotypes.  Something as unseen as crossing the street to not be near someone of another color, is very telling of the racism that still exists.

BeyondBlue produced the video you are about to watch, as part of their mission to fight discrimination and the terrible hurt and divisiveness it causes across cultures.  The way that it was directed and written is very powerful, as it touches on the more subtle manifestations of racism, and the terrible damage that it does to those who are victimized.

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This Dog Has Been Waiting 5 Months For Her Human. The Reason Why Tore My Heart Up!

Indubitably, there is no creature which better showcases the splendid virtue of loyalty, than the admirable dog. As you will soon see for yourself, in the simultaneously heart wrenching and heartwarming actions of a dog whose abundance of fierce devotion is rarely matched, among any known species.

Five months ago, her human met a tragic end by the hand of a drunk driver. Still, she continues the routine that she had followed for years prior. Every day, down the country road she saunters, guided by the desire to greet her best friend.

She waits In the field, where she had always waited to greet him on his way home from work every day. There she has waited since, leaving only for necessities and the occasional social visit with her human’s surviving family.

Her display of love and loyalty is an inspiration rarely witnessed, and it is inclined to bring a tear of bittersweet affection to the eyes of many a viewer. The beautiful expression of unconditional love that pets embody is a powerful therapy for the human race.

Even once her human is gone, she remains dedicated even without reinforcement. Why does she do it? What is her motivation? Truly, we can only speculate. But for anyone who has enjoyed the unparalleled experience of loving a pet, the answers to those questions might be felt better than spoken.

We can see why she waits, for we know that our furry friend would do the same for us. Protect your pets, they love you so very much.

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He Gave a Homeless Man $100 and Followed Him To See How He Spent It. The Result Is Surprising!

When Josh Paler Lin approached a homeless man on the street to give him $100 he wanted to see how the man would spend the money.  Josh explained that he thought the guy would waste it away on alcohol instead of food and other necessities and that the video he set out to make was originally planned to expose homeless people.  After following the man he ended up capturing a caring and genuine moment that was completely unexpected in the best way possible.

The man went into a convenience store, the type of  mart that sells food and alcohol, and came out with a large bag filled with stuff.  He walked several blocks over to a park and started handing out food and provisions to other people in need.  The man shocked and proved Josh wrong by spending the money to unselfishly help others who are in just as much need as himself.

After witnessing the touching sight Josh went over to the man again and told him that he’d been recording and following him ever since he handed him the money to see what he’d do with it.  He admitted he thought he’d spent it on booze and says he is so impressed that he wants to give him another $100.  The man is so grateful and humble and tells his story about how he became homeless.

He had been living with his parents when his stepfather was diagnosed with cancer.  The bills were adding up, and insurance covered only so much, so he quit his job to help care for them.  Soon his dad passed away and then his mom passed just two weeks later.  The building they’d been living in was being sold and now he was out on his luck living on the streets.

He went on to explain how there are a lot of good people who are homeless not because of drink or drug addiction but because of life circumstances that are beyond their control.  The video is positively eye opening and further proof that you should never judge people based on how they look or appear to you, but rather on how they act.

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