He Gave a Homeless Man $100 and Followed Him To See How He Spent It. The Result Is Surprising!

When Josh Paler Lin approached a homeless man on the street to give him $100 he wanted to see how the man would spend the money.  Josh explained that he thought the guy would waste it away on alcohol instead of food and other necessities and that the video he set out to make was originally planned to expose homeless people.  After following the man he ended up capturing a caring and genuine moment that was completely unexpected in the best way possible.

The man went into a convenience store, the type of  mart that sells food and alcohol, and came out with a large bag filled with stuff.  He walked several blocks over to a park and started handing out food and provisions to other people in need.  The man shocked and proved Josh wrong by spending the money to unselfishly help others who are in just as much need as himself.

After witnessing the touching sight Josh went over to the man again and told him that he’d been recording and following him ever since he handed him the money to see what he’d do with it.  He admitted he thought he’d spent it on booze and says he is so impressed that he wants to give him another $100.  The man is so grateful and humble and tells his story about how he became homeless.

He had been living with his parents when his stepfather was diagnosed with cancer.  The bills were adding up, and insurance covered only so much, so he quit his job to help care for them.  Soon his dad passed away and then his mom passed just two weeks later.  The building they’d been living in was being sold and now he was out on his luck living on the streets.

He went on to explain how there are a lot of good people who are homeless not because of drink or drug addiction but because of life circumstances that are beyond their control.  The video is positively eye opening and further proof that you should never judge people based on how they look or appear to you, but rather on how they act.

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This Guy Has 17 Freezers In His Living Room But What He Keeps In Them Is Unbelievable!

Why does he do it? Because somebody has to care. That is the answer Allan Law gives people when they ask him why he chooses to spend his days and nights delivering food and goods to people in need in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Known as the “Sandwich Man” he has made it his life’s mission to help the homeless and less fortunate since retiring from teaching 16 years ago. Since then he has gone on to deliver thousands of sandwiches and tons of food, while raising much needed awareness for the plight of those that he meets on the streets. His work has helped so many of them out in countless ways and he has undeniably left a lasting impression on most of the people he has met.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to do this all alone and works alongside friends, civic, church, and business groups to distribute donations and meals. An army of around 800 volunteers help to make the sandwiches and hand them out. He has so much bread, cheese and meats stored at his house for this purpose that he needs 17 freezers to store it all.

All those freezers take up his living room space and don’t leave much room for anything else. That is why he is always seeking people to lend him any spare, unused space they may have, so he can use it to temporarily store the goods and essentials that he hands out nightly.

The number on the side of his car seems to sum up what Allan Law is all about. His minivan sports the figure 363. Most people assume it stands for the number of days he volunteers to help those in need. However, it fittingly represents the number of days a year that people don’t think about the homeless or less fortunate, which is why he is out there day after day. Someone has to care and Allan Law, aka Sandwich Man, most definitely does.

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