14 Things People Suffering From Anxiety Want To Tell Their Friends and Family But Can’t.

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Chances are you have a friend who suffers from anxiety.  You may adore this person, but be confused because you get mixed signals from them.  There are times when they are there for you, supportive, fun to hang out with…actually the person you feel most safe in sharing your innermost feelings.  Then suddenly they seem to fall off the face of the earth!  Sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve sent them 4-5 text messages, voicemails…and you don’t hear back. You may feel angry, rejected or just really annoyed at what seems to be really irresponsible behavior in a friendship that you value so much!  Finally you get in touch, make plans to get together, and then last minute plans get cancelled!?

This friend has explained to you that they live with anxiety, that sometimes feels worse than other times…that they are introverted; even though to you and others they seem like such an extrovert!

What in the world is going on?  The following VIDEO that you are about to watch really says it all: 14 THINGS THAT PEOPLE WITH ANXIETY WANT THEIR FRIENDS TO KNOW!

If you are a person who suffers from anxiety or you have a friend who does, let us know your thoughts in the comments after watching these incredibly HONEST and VULNERABLE messages in the Video Below.

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Animal Adopts THIS Unlikely Orphaned Baby. What They Look Like Years Later Is An Unexpected Surprise!

The depth of compassion that one animal has for another, when they come from different species,  never fails to amaze me.  The touching video you are about to watch below, tells the story of little Poncho the opossum, whose mom was killed by a car, when he was just a newborn.

Poncho was found by animal rescuers, as the tiny infant clung to his dead mother’s side, after she had been hit by the car.  In fragile condition, and an unlikely chance of survival, little Poncho was lucky to be found.  Receiving veterinary attention, he was nursed back to health, but the sweet little guy was still a motherless child…until Hantu came along.

A most unlikely surrogate mom, the white German Shepherd had never had pups of her own.  It seemed like her need to nurture met with Ponchu’s need for a mother figure, and a bond was formed.  Ponchu clung onto to Hantu’s side just as he had with his mother!  The two brought comfort and happiness to each other.

To this day, years later, they are still inseparable!  Though bigger, Poncho still clings to Hantu’s side as they take walks in the woods. This is truly a sight to behold.

You will find this footage of Ponchu and Hantu so heartwarming and simply adorable. It is an uplifting video that will make your day! Let us know how you feel about this unlikely interspecies relationship!

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At First I Was Terrified When A Jaguar Caught THIS Little Dog. But What Follows Is An Unexpected Surprise!

We have all heard the saying, “they fight like cats and dogs”, this has fostered the belief that cats and dogs don’t mix well as pets. We have seen so many examples of inter-species friendships on the internet, but the one are about to view in the video below, between a cat and a dog is certainly unusual.

A young orphaned jaguar was moved to the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa. He was nicknamed “Jag” by his caretaker, who became his “foster mom”. She noticed that Jag was looking very lonely, needing to constantly sleep with her, which wasn’t always possible.

On the property lived Bullet, a Jack Russell dog, whom the caretaker had a feeling would be a great companion for Jag. As unlikely as this pairing might seem, not just because they are a cat and a dog, but the imbalance in their power, her hunch was right. From the moment Jag and Bullet met, this unusual friendship blossomed into a thing of beauty.

Eating, sleeping and playing together all day long, the two enjoyed each other’s company without a single moment apart. However, when Jag got bigger, it was necessary to move him to a different area. The two fell into a depression and longing.

Jag would cry for hours and Bullet would not move from outside the fence, within visual distance, barking endlessly. Watch this amazing story in the footage below to see how the this tale of friendship ends. This totally made my day I love this pair!

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This Kitten Was Abandoned By It’s Mother But Then This Crow Does Something I’ve Never Seen Before!

This is an incredible tale of two natural enemies in the wild who somehow formed a bond and became best friends.  This story may sound like a fantasy but the video has been seen over 10 million times and it documents the unusual relationship between Moses the Crow and Cassie the Cat.

Wally and Ann Collito from North Attleboro, Massachusetts found a tiny kitten in their backyard who was abandoned by it’s mother.  Then they noticed something quite strange, a crow looked like it was taking care of the helpless kitten.  The crow was feeding the feline worms and bugs and keeping watch over the little thing.  The Collitos were shocked by what they saw.

Years past by and the Collitos continued to document the relationship between Moses and Cassie.  Everyday they would eat together and play for hours.  Then one day Cassie started eating actual cat food and sleeping inside the house with Wally and Ann.  However, each morning the crow would peck his beak against the door until they let the cat out to play.

This real life story inspired children’s book author Lisa Fleming to write the book Cat and Crow: An Amazing Friendship.  This story has touched the hearts of millions and it proves that if two natural enemies can become best of friends then absolutely anything is possible.

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Little Boy Is Waiting For His Best Friend To Come. Who Shows Up This Tore My Heart Up!

A child’s first real and true friend is special and will always hold a place near and dear in their hearts. When we are young and innocent we are drawn to certain individuals simply because they’re nice and we feel safe around them. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done in life or have to offer us, it’s more basic and simple than that. Which is partly why 2 year old Deacon Ross developed a special connection with his family garbage man, O Dee, and calls him his best friend. The little boy eagerly awaits O Dee’s arrival every Friday, or O Dee Day, when he stops by the family house to collect the recycling.

This video shows the bittersweet last day that Deacon will get to see O Dee. His family just sold their house and are moving to a bigger one in order to accommodate another child. Deacon has already chosen the unborn baby’s name and would like to see his parents call the child O Dee.

When Deacon and his sister detect the familiar rumble of the garbage truck down the street she excitedly yells to her mother “We hear O Dee’s truck!” Deacon is already outside waiting by the road for his best friend to stop by. He has on a special green t-shirt emblazoned with an I heart emoticon garbage truck picture on the front.

Finally, the garbage truck pulls up in front of the house with O Dee on back and Deacon’s face lights up with joy and delight at the sight. He jumps off and greets Deacon with a fist bump for the last time.

Deacon’s mother thinks he is not quite aware of the fact that this is the last time O Dee will stop by the house. She does know that he holds a special place in her son’s heart, which is why she made baskets filled with an assortment of cookies and mugs for Deacon to give to O Dee and his crew.

It’s a simple way to thank them for the job they do, but more so for the friendship and care he has shown her son. After giving O Dee his gift, and a brief visit, Deacon says goodbye to his first best friend. The sight both breaks and warms the heart to watch. It is a sad final farewell, yet also so sweet and special that a young boy found such happiness in an unlikely best friend.

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He Found a Lost Piglet and Tried To Find The Owner. When He Realizes Who It Is It Tore My Heart Up!

A true friend can be hard to find. For some, their best friend is a brother or sister, for others it is their spouse. Many people find friendship in their pets; still others find friendship with plants. No matter how different our friends are, we can all agree that friends bring warmth and joy to our lives..

In this heartwarming video, a man finds a friend in an unlikely place. When he comes across a piglet stranded on the side of the road, his search begins to find its owner. After searching high and low, he finally gets a lead, but where it leads makes his heart drop.

Will he be able to bring himself to give Sue back to her rightful owner? No matter who your friends are, life is better when you are with them! Did this video touch your heart or make you smile?

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