An ‘Intruder’ Breaks Into This Tiny Kitten’s House. Now Watch Him Protect His Humans.

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Cats are truly one of the most interesting animals on planet earth. From the mighty king of the jungle the lion, to the tabby cat at your grandma’s house, these animals give off a majestic vibe that almost no other animal on planet earth can match. People who have never had a kitty as a pet tend to believe these creatures are cold, weird, sneaky, sometimes scary and have no personality. Usually these people only ever had dogs or aren’t into pets at all.

However, anyone who has had the pleasure of sharing a living space with a majestic feline knows that these anti-cat stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, you aren’t going to get the immediate unconditional love from a cat that a dog would give you after about two hours of hanging out. Cats will make you work a little harder for that unconditional love in return, but when they finally decide to let you into their inner circle, all that time it took to gain there trust is all worth it!

Many cats have a distinct and unique style or swagger in how they carry themselves or their special strut/style of walk. I had one cat who whenever he walked into a room he would lead with his back legs! He had quite the ‘cat walk’ and was bursting with immense personality.

This video has to be one of the best cat videos of all time. It features a tiny kitten, who realizes that a scary intruder has broken into her house and is sitting on the living room floor.  The kitten is quite territorial and will not allow an evil doer to take over his and his family’s property.

The kitten has the eye of the tiger and the heart of a lion as you will see when he comes face to face with the intruder. The only thing is, the intruder happens to be a small green ball, but the kitten is completely unaware of this.

The brave, but freaked out kitten swipes and pounces at the evil intruder, but every time the ball turns around, the kitten runs for the hills.  This has to be the most intense cat video I have ever seen.  The kitty is such a brave little soul, I for one would have no clue what to do if I was in her situation.

The video is set perfectly to some spine-chilling horror movie music.  So sit back relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy this epic and slightly scary kitty video! I may have nightmares for the next week.  Enjoy the video and be safe out there! Remember during this spooky Halloween season keeping an adorable kitty nearby at all times can keep you safe! 🙂

Watch the hysterical video below and let us know in the comments on the Sun Gazing Main Page if you want more videos like this one:

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THIS New Mama Just Had a Litter of Puppies But Wait Until You See What She’s Holding In Her Mouth!

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Two tiny four week old kittens had been found abandoned and alone. With no mother around and no time to spare, a woman decided to rescue the babies and took them in. She tried her best to hand feed the kittens with a dropper but they just weren’t eating and soon started to grow weak. In need of an alternative solution, she reached out to a family friend whose dog had recently given birth and the two decided to try and place the orphaned kittens with the new mother.

The new mother happened to be a 3 year old Jack Russel terrier named Annabelle. Two weeks prior to the kittens arrival she had given birth to a litter of two puppies. Her owner, Kristy, was unsure about how she’d react to the new additions but any apprehension or worries were soon forgotten.

In no time at all Annabelle had taken the kittens in and adopted them as her own babies. She performed all the motherly tasks that a cat would do for their young and groomed, fed, cleaned, and protected her two new additions. She would gently pick them up and carry them around the house in her mouth to keep them safe and close and snuggled with them day and night.

The ABC News clip of the new family is absolutely adorable and heart warming, it’s the kind of positive story that you actually want to hear about! According to Kristy, Annabelle “has accepted them as her own, no questions asked.” In fact, she’s even more protective of the kittens than she is of her own puppies, but that’s because the kittens are older and more active, moving around a lot, so she has to keep a closer eye on them to make sure they’re safe.

It looks like everyone in Kristy’s household is happy, from Annabelle to her puppies to the kitties! Even though life started out rough for the kittens, in the end it all worked out for the best thanks to the woman who saved them and for Annabelle taking them in as her own.

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Kitten Stuck In Cage Is Desperate To Visit Her Puppy Best Friend. How She Does It Is Incredible!

Cats are naturally curious and love to climb on things and explore, especially kittens. If something catches their attention they’ll often stop at nothing to check it out up close and personal. Even if there are obstacles in the way, they usually manage to figure out a way around them, or over it!

Such was the case of one adorable kitten at a pet store in Taipei, Taiwan. The little kitty was caught in action clambering from her pen over to the one right next to her, which held a sweet puppy! It’s hard to tell for sure but the mischievous cat was either going to visit and sniff out her neighbor, or perhaps she was making a break for freedom.

In the video posted by the JoLinn Pet House it’s clear to see that the kitten is a natural climber as she jumps right up on the glass side. She struggles for a moment before clawing her way onto the top ledge and that’s when she realizes she has only two options.

One is to go back down in her pen the way she came, the other is to try and get over to the dog’s pen next to hers. Not wanting to turn back, she takes the second route and shimmies her way over to the puppy.

The little dog could not be happier, he rears up on his hind legs and wags his tail at the sight of the kitten coming to join him. That’s when the poor kitty starts to struggle with the slippery glass, and the excited puppy doesn’t help by showering her with kisses!

However, she makes it safely over the side and into the dog’s pen where she heads straight to the back corner in a hopeless attempt to try and escape the puppy’s overzealous attention. He can’t stop licking and jumping on her, at this point she’s probably wishing she’d stayed in her pen!

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you’ll love and appreciate this adorable video so check it out and enjoy 🙂

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Watch Mama Cat Protect Her Kitten From Huge Dog.

Never underestimate how fiercely a mama cat will protect her kittens.  A man in Thailand is taking a walk with his very large dog, when he sees a little kitten with it’s mother.  The dog is on a leash, and the man lets him saunter over, thinking it would be ok for them to play?!  Well that clearly wasn’t happening!

This dog is at least ten times the size of the kitten, so I’m not quite sure what he was thinking. Apparently the mama cat had the same thought I did.  She literally flew into action to protect her little kitty.  According to the video description in Thai, “they just met the kitten by chance and thought the dog would play with the kitten, that’s why he laughed at first not realizing the dog may have been too aggressive.”

Whether the dog just wanted to play or whether he might have hurt the kitten, is something that we will never know. This mama cat’s protective instincts took charge, as she let the dog know in no uncertain terms that her kitty wasn’t available for his exploration.  Never mess with a mama cat!!

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Two Fisherman Noticed Something Strange Paddling Toward Their Boat. But They Never Expected THIS

When you’re out fishing in the middle of a river the last thing you expect to see is a kitten, especially a little tiny kitty swimming in the water towards your boat! As strange as it seems, that is exactly what two men caught sight of while out on their boat. The two gentlemen had set out on Alabama’s Warrior River in search of some tasty fish.

They were set up near a small island in the river that had a lot of vegetation growing around it and downed trees. From the video clip it appears as if the current was not strong and the water was quite still, and the place looked like the perfect spot for snagging a big fish. However, instead of fish jumping in their boat, cats were coming out of the woodwork to catch a ride!

The two men were stunned when a tiny orange kitten came from the wooded island to their boat. The cat made a straight beeline for the watercraft and humans, who picked it up out of the water and placed it safely on the boat deck.

As if that was not amazing enough in and of itself, another tiny little kitten was spotted on the island’s edge and they heard it splash into the river. The second kitten also headed straight towards the boat and soon he was reunited with his sibling.

The two kitties looked grateful to be around people and they clearly were familiar with humans since they swam to the men and rubbed up against them once they were on the boat. They looked very thin and who knows how long they had been stranded on the island.

They must have been so scared and desperate to have jumped into the water and taken the chance on the strange men in the boat. Most cats typically hate water and wouldn’t be so willing or ready to jump into it, especially a huge expanse like the river.

Both the men and commentators on the YouTube video speculate that someone purposefully left the kittens out on the remote island. For what reasons, how long ago, or why may never be known and it takes an abnormal kind of sick twisted person to do such a heartless thing.

On a positive note, the kittens were rescued and they are now safe and dry. They hung out with the men for the day while they fished and when they returned to shore they were even adopted! A family with two young girls happened to be there when the men got back and the children fell in love with the kitties at first sight.

They have since been checked out by a local vet for free and are now with their new family. It turns out this unbelievable fishing tale has it all; video proof, adorable kittens, and a happy ending.

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This Tiny Kitten Was Terrified and Nervous In Her New House. Until The Dog Did THIS

We have all watched many cute videos of animals on the internet, but the only word for this one is blissful. This tiny little kitten, Rosie, found solace after her first shaky night in her new home. Usually that first night of transition is very stressful, particularly for baby animals, and so it was for Rosie.

Her owners noticed that she was sluggish and not responding to their attempts to comfort her. They came up with a unique idea, hoping to turn her around. They had a full grown husky, Lilo, who despite the fact that she had never had any puppies, had always displayed a strong maternal instinct.

It is probable that Rosie had just been taken from her mother, and had been nursing, so her instinct to snuggle up to Lilo is far less surprising than Lilo’s reaction. It is always a bit of a gamble when an adult animal of another species is approached for comfort and care.

It certainly is not uncommon to see adult animals nurture across species, but Lilo’s immediate tender and loving care taking of darling little Rosie is just so special. The music set to their interaction in this beautiful video makes it all the more heartwarming. Sit back and enjoy these four minutes of sheer bliss!

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