Two Fisherman Noticed Something Strange Paddling Toward Their Boat. But They Never Expected THIS

When you’re out fishing in the middle of a river the last thing you expect to see is a kitten, especially a little tiny kitty swimming in the water towards your boat! As strange as it seems, that is exactly what two men caught sight of while out on their boat. The two gentlemen had set out on Alabama’s Warrior River in search of some tasty fish.

They were set up near a small island in the river that had a lot of vegetation growing around it and downed trees. From the video clip it appears as if the current was not strong and the water was quite still, and the place looked like the perfect spot for snagging a big fish. However, instead of fish jumping in their boat, cats were coming out of the woodwork to catch a ride!

The two men were stunned when a tiny orange kitten came from the wooded island to their boat. The cat made a straight beeline for the watercraft and humans, who picked it up out of the water and placed it safely on the boat deck.

As if that was not amazing enough in and of itself, another tiny little kitten was spotted on the island’s edge and they heard it splash into the river. The second kitten also headed straight towards the boat and soon he was reunited with his sibling.

The two kitties looked grateful to be around people and they clearly were familiar with humans since they swam to the men and rubbed up against them once they were on the boat. They looked very thin and who knows how long they had been stranded on the island.

They must have been so scared and desperate to have jumped into the water and taken the chance on the strange men in the boat. Most cats typically hate water and wouldn’t be so willing or ready to jump into it, especially a huge expanse like the river.

Both the men and commentators on the YouTube video speculate that someone purposefully left the kittens out on the remote island. For what reasons, how long ago, or why may never be known and it takes an abnormal kind of sick twisted person to do such a heartless thing.

On a positive note, the kittens were rescued and they are now safe and dry. They hung out with the men for the day while they fished and when they returned to shore they were even adopted! A family with two young girls happened to be there when the men got back and the children fell in love with the kitties at first sight.

They have since been checked out by a local vet for free and are now with their new family. It turns out this unbelievable fishing tale has it all; video proof, adorable kittens, and a happy ending.

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This Guy Drops Food In The River Moments Later Something Terrifying Appears!

If you ever find yourself in the Amazon jungle, and value your health and safety, think twice before stepping into any body of fresh water. That is exactly where a dangerous and potentially lethal threat lurks. Piranhas are native to the Amazon River Basin and can be found in other river systems throughout South America. All of the estimated 30-60 piranha species have a single row of sharply packed interlocking teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. They are capable of shearing, puncturing, and ripping apart practically any and every thing that they sink their teeth into.

There have been stories and documented reports of piranha attacks on humans and large animals, such as cows, over the years. Oftentimes it is the young or weak who fall into the river, at the wrong place and time, only to end up being quickly killed. In one Brazilian city alone, Palmas, 190 attacks were reported in the first half of 2007. The fearsome reputation that surrounds these fish is well deserved and has even been perpetuated in Hollywood films.

So what does it look like when a school of these predators are feeding? Thanks to Joao Antonio Cruz Junior’s YouTube video we get to the view the fish in action. Freshly butchered red meat is thrown into the water near a dock and some boats.

As soon as the meat hits the calm surface the piranhas fight to get a bite, their bodies seem to writhe and twist all over the place, and the water is churned into a white, frothy, chaotic mess. More meat is thrown in several times but never lasts more than a few seconds.

By the end of the short clip their numbers have easily tripled, as more and more fish are drawn to the commotion and the smell of blood. It’s easy to see why they have the reputation that they do. Check out the video and be happy they (likely) don’t live near you!

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He Released His Two Pit Bulls Into The River. What They Find Made My Jaw Drop!

These two beautiful dogs have an unbelievable fishing tale to tell their puppies one day. The white and brown Pit bulls were down by the river on a walk when they decided to take a refreshing dip and play in the water. Much to their surprise, they noticed something strange as soon as they splashed in. They were not alone. Swimming upstream in the shallow waters were numerous scaly, slippery, huge, and kind of ugly, salmon. The gigantic fish were on their way to finish out one final act in their lives before they died, which was to spawn.

The fish were no match for the two large Pit bulls, whose massive jaws scooped them out of the shallows one by one. The dogs natural instincts kicked into high gear when they caught sight of the scaly river beasts and immediately they began fishing.

Once a salmon was snagged they would walk it over to the river bank and drop it on the ground. Even though a number of fish were caught, they all managed to slip back into the river and escape. The dogs at least have video proof of their catch and no one can deny how expertly they fished that day.

The YouTube user who uploaded this video, Ken Wiesner, wrote that he was not present when these events took place. His friend took his dogs for a walk and allowed them to catch the fish while recording it. Ken makes it clear that he does not approve of this behavior, but what is done is done, so we may as well view the unique and remarkable footage.

Nothing is intrinsically wrong with the behavior in this video. Many animals feed on spawning salmon every year, and what we see is nature running its course. Plus, the dogs look so happy and pleased, I am amazed at how they are able to handle a writhing, slippery salmon of that size so well!

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He Lets His Pit Bulls Jump Into The River. What They Discover Is Nuts.

The once in a lifetime experience captured in this video is so unbelievable that it makes you do a double-take. The sight of two big Pit Bulls splashing through a shallow river, having the time of their life while fishing for salmon, is not something you see everyday, or ever!

The white and brown dogs were out for a walk one day when they happened across a bunch of spawning salmon making their way upstream. The rocky waters were chock full of the large, slippery fish which made them easy to catch. The salmon appear to be quite large and healthy, so they were likely towards the beginning part of their annual epic swim upriver. By the time they reach their final destination, the spot where they lay and fertilize their eggs, they’re usually extremely beat up, worn out, and significantly smaller than when they started.

Even though they seem healthy and strong, the salmon were still no match for the two large Pit Bulls. The dog’s instincts took over as soon as they spotted all of those big juicy fish darting around and they immediately set out to try and catch them. One by one the dogs honed in on a fish and when the time was right they dove headfirst and scooped them out of the water. After snagging a salmon they’d walk it over to the river bank and drop it on the ground, as if to say “look what I caught!”

While some people have expressed their disdain at the dogs catching fish and harming them, that’s only one side of what’s going on here. These are animals acting like animals, it’s in their DNA and in line with their instincts to hunt and kill for food. When an opportunity like this presents itself, they’re going to seize it. If it weren’t for laws and limits protecting spawning salmon humans would have fished them to extinction years ago!

Furthermore, every year countless animals feed on spawning salmon. It’s all part of how things operate in nature and nothing is wrong with that. Also, as mentioned above, this is a once in a lifetime thing and the dogs will not be able to ever do it again. According to Ken Wiesner, the YouTuber who uploaded this video and the dogs owner, he wasn’t present when the recorded events took place. Instead, a friend had taken his dogs for a walk and allowed them to catch the fish. Ken explicitly states and makes it very clear that he does not approve of this behavior and would never have allowed his dogs to catch the fish.

What happened is now in the past, instead of dwelling on the negative aspects we should focus on the positives and enjoy the unique and remarkable footage. The dogs look like they had the time of their lives and both were clearly happy and enthusiastic about getting to go fishing. In fact, they’re naturals and it’s amazing how well they’re able to handle an enormous, slippery, wet fish that’s writhing around! Check it out!

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