He Lets His Pit Bulls Jump Into The River. What They Discover Is Nuts.

The once in a lifetime experience captured in this video is so unbelievable that it makes you do a double-take. The sight of two big Pit Bulls splashing through a shallow river, having the time of their life while fishing for salmon, is not something you see everyday, or ever!

The white and brown dogs were out for a walk one day when they happened across a bunch of spawning salmon making their way upstream. The rocky waters were chock full of the large, slippery fish which made them easy to catch. The salmon appear to be quite large and healthy, so they were likely towards the beginning part of their annual epic swim upriver. By the time they reach their final destination, the spot where they lay and fertilize their eggs, they’re usually extremely beat up, worn out, and significantly smaller than when they started.

Even though they seem healthy and strong, the salmon were still no match for the two large Pit Bulls. The dog’s instincts took over as soon as they spotted all of those big juicy fish darting around and they immediately set out to try and catch them. One by one the dogs honed in on a fish and when the time was right they dove headfirst and scooped them out of the water. After snagging a salmon they’d walk it over to the river bank and drop it on the ground, as if to say “look what I caught!”

While some people have expressed their disdain at the dogs catching fish and harming them, that’s only one side of what’s going on here. These are animals acting like animals, it’s in their DNA and in line with their instincts to hunt and kill for food. When an opportunity like this presents itself, they’re going to seize it. If it weren’t for laws and limits protecting spawning salmon humans would have fished them to extinction years ago!

Furthermore, every year countless animals feed on spawning salmon. It’s all part of how things operate in nature and nothing is wrong with that. Also, as mentioned above, this is a once in a lifetime thing and the dogs will not be able to ever do it again. According to Ken Wiesner, the YouTuber who uploaded this video and the dogs owner, he wasn’t present when the recorded events took place. Instead, a friend had taken his dogs for a walk and allowed them to catch the fish. Ken explicitly states and makes it very clear that he does not approve of this behavior and would never have allowed his dogs to catch the fish.

What happened is now in the past, instead of dwelling on the negative aspects we should focus on the positives and enjoy the unique and remarkable footage. The dogs look like they had the time of their lives and both were clearly happy and enthusiastic about getting to go fishing. In fact, they’re naturals and it’s amazing how well they’re able to handle an enormous, slippery, wet fish that’s writhing around! Check it out!

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