He Released His Two Pit Bulls Into The River. What They Find Made My Jaw Drop!

These two beautiful dogs have an unbelievable fishing tale to tell their puppies one day. The white and brown Pit bulls were down by the river on a walk when they decided to take a refreshing dip and play in the water. Much to their surprise, they noticed something strange as soon as they splashed in. They were not alone. Swimming upstream in the shallow waters were numerous scaly, slippery, huge, and kind of ugly, salmon. The gigantic fish were on their way to finish out one final act in their lives before they died, which was to spawn.

The fish were no match for the two large Pit bulls, whose massive jaws scooped them out of the shallows one by one. The dogs natural instincts kicked into high gear when they caught sight of the scaly river beasts and immediately they began fishing.

Once a salmon was snagged they would walk it over to the river bank and drop it on the ground. Even though a number of fish were caught, they all managed to slip back into the river and escape. The dogs at least have video proof of their catch and no one can deny how expertly they fished that day.

The YouTube user who uploaded this video, Ken Wiesner, wrote that he was not present when these events took place. His friend took his dogs for a walk and allowed them to catch the fish while recording it. Ken makes it clear that he does not approve of this behavior, but what is done is done, so we may as well view the unique and remarkable footage.

Nothing is intrinsically wrong with the behavior in this video. Many animals feed on spawning salmon every year, and what we see is nature running its course. Plus, the dogs look so happy and pleased, I am amazed at how they are able to handle a writhing, slippery salmon of that size so well!

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