This Goat And Puppy Have A Stare Down. I Never Expected The Goat To React Like THIS

Practically everyone loves a good goat video and this one is sure to please even those on the fence about them. It features Pipsqueak, a pygmy goat, and a bunch of white, furry puppies. They all live together on a farm and get to run around outside all day long. The cute animals play freely and mingle with one another, but sometimes it takes a little bit of time and interaction to break the ice when new ones first meet.

Pipsqueak is known as the friendliest animal on the farm and loves making acquaintances with everyone she meets. In this video she can be seen trying to hang out with a group of puppies. She follows them around and attempts to play goat games by butting a couple of the tiny pups with her head. However, her approaches are rebuffed and the puppies, perhaps confused by her actions, choose to only hang out with one another.

Except for Snowflake, the shiest of the puppies, who looks like she adores Pipsqueak and follows after her. Delighted with her new friend, the goat excitedly plays with Snowflake, who merrily chases her new found sister all around the grass.

With the ice now broken, the other puppies take notice and begin to head over to play. In a matter of just a few moments all of the puppies and Pipsqueak are frolicking around with huge smiles on their cute little faces. They romp back and forth, growling in sheer delight, while Pipsqueak jumps up and down every now and then.

These animals saw past their differences and formed an adorable crew. Leave it to goats and puppies to help illustrate what us humans should strive to do. Be sure to spread the joy, lighten the day, and make someone smile by sharing the video!

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