Two Fisherman Noticed Something Strange Paddling Toward Their Boat. But They Never Expected THIS

When you’re out fishing in the middle of a river the last thing you expect to see is a kitten, especially a little tiny kitty swimming in the water towards your boat! As strange as it seems, that is exactly what two men caught sight of while out on their boat.┬áThe two gentlemen had set out on Alabama’s Warrior River in search of some tasty fish.

They were set up near a small island in the river that had a lot of vegetation growing around it and downed trees. From the video clip it appears as if the current was not strong and the water was quite still, and the place looked like the perfect spot for snagging a big fish. However, instead of fish jumping in their boat, cats were coming out of the woodwork to catch a ride!

The two men were stunned when a tiny orange kitten came from the wooded island to their boat. The cat made a straight beeline for the watercraft and humans, who picked it up out of the water and placed it safely on the boat deck.

As if that was not amazing enough in and of itself, another tiny little kitten was spotted on the island’s edge and they heard it splash into the river. The second kitten also headed straight towards the boat and soon he was reunited with his sibling.

The two kitties looked grateful to be around people and they clearly were familiar with humans since they swam to the men and rubbed up against them once they were on the boat. They looked very thin and who knows how long they had been stranded on the island.

They must have been so scared and desperate to have jumped into the water and taken the chance on the strange men in the boat. Most cats typically hate water and wouldn’t be so willing or ready to jump into it, especially a huge expanse like the river.

Both the men and commentators on the YouTube video speculate that someone purposefully left the kittens out on the remote island. For what reasons, how long ago, or why may never be known and it takes an abnormal kind of sick twisted person to do such a heartless thing.

On a positive note, the kittens were rescued and they are now safe and dry. They hung out with the men for the day while they fished and when they returned to shore they were even adopted! A family with two young girls happened to be there when the men got back and the children fell in love with the kitties at first sight.

They have since been checked out by a local vet for free and are now with their new family. It turns out this unbelievable fishing tale has it all; video proof, adorable kittens, and a happy ending.

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