He Heard Cries Coming From Under The Sidewalk. What He Pulls Out Is The Most Unexpected Surprise!

There are things that people in this world do that are beyond the scope of rational and compassionate human beings. Sometimes their repulsive cruelty is directed at totally innocent and wholly undeserving animals. Of all the messed up things that have been reported, this story of a pregnant dog stands out for not only being unbelievable, but also for having a happy ending.

It all started when a man in the Russian town of Voronezh heard a dog barking but could not tell from where the sound was coming. Vadim Rustam and his family first heard the noise when they returned from a trip and it seemed to be coming from underneath some steps on a recently repaired sidewalk.

A few weeks prior to the repairs a large sinkhole had suddenly appeared and caused damage to the building’s entryway. Once the pit had been filled the sidewalk was re-paved with bricks. Vadim got back about 2 days after the work had finished, and that’s when he heard a dog barking underneath the steps near the walkway.

This led him to believe that perhaps workers had ended up trapping a dog underground when they laid the sand and bricks for the walk.¬†At a loss as to what to do, he went to the city’s housing office to report his suspicions and to see what could be done.

The people at the office told him that they were unable to do anything because they were not the ones who had done the repair work. They didn’t even offer him any helpful advice or suggestions, and so the family took it upon themselves to save the dog.

As you can see in the video, they went to the area where the barking noises were coming from and began to pry bricks loose. After a few had been removed, Vadim dug out piles of sand near the steps until he reached a rock that was wedged in and blocking off a gap underneath them. Once it was moved aside a bewildered, and relieved, looking dog’s face appeared. Vadim was right all long, a dog was trapped under the sidewalk!

The poor animal struggled to crawl out from the tiny space it had been stuck in. For two days the dog had been trapped all alone in a tiny hole and was unable to move, see, drink or eat anything. Vadim gently helped pull her out into the light and the lucky dog wagged her tail, greeted her rescuers sweetly, and seemed to smile. At that point the woman filming and watching the rescue noticed that the dog was pregnant, which makes the save all the more emotional.

While it isn’t clear how the dog came to be trapped, some people online have speculated that maybe she crawled into the hole to use it as a den where she could give birth. Other people said that the workers knew the dog was under the stairs and yet they didn’t bother to try and coax her out.

Instead, they wedged a rock in her only escape route and filled in the sand and bricks on the sidewalk. It seems from the video to be the latter case, the rock was purposely wedged under the steps, and it’d be nearly impossible to not notice a dog in that tiny hole.

The sweet dog has since been taken in and cared for by a local rescue group. She is reportedly doing well and will soon be up for adoption, and hopefully her puppies are all okay too. It is stories like this one that make people so angry, yet also so grateful and happy. It shows both the dark, evil side of man, and the positive, hopeful one that prevails in the end.

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