THIS Is What The Gap Between Your Fingers Reveals About Your Life!

There are all sorts of ways in which a person’s personality has been linked to different physical attributes on their body. Above all, our hands seem to hold the most information about our lives and they reveal subtle clues in regards to the way we act, make choices, and behave in general.

For example, we often compare and contrast left handed people with individuals who are right hand dominant. Alternatively, in palmistry the lines on the palms of our hands are closely examined, which can indicate our character traits, personality, and destiny in life.

Another way in which we can analyze our personalities is by looking at the gap between our fingers. You can do this by yourself, right here and now, by following the instructions below and looking at the illustrations in the accompanying video and link.

All you have to do is look closely at your hand and compare it against choices A, B, and C to see which one your finger spacing matches up the best with. Once you choose the closest match it will reveal certain personality aspects that are commonly associated with your finger gap.

If you fall under type A and have a large gap that generally corresponds to having a big personality. You are friendly, open, and honest with others, as well as refreshingly straight forward.

Type B people have small gap spaced fingers and are more reserved than their type A counterparts. If you’re type B you have a wonderfully amicable personality and give good advice to others because of your ability to listen well and hear what they are saying.

If you have no gap at all then you are type C and tend to be a very private, reserved person. You like to observe and listen to the world around you and when it comes to trust people have to earn yours.

Check out the short video for more personality information on each of the three types and see if what they reveal about personality traits matches up to yours.

This is a fun, easy, and different way to take a moment to yourself in which you can reflect upon, and dig a little deeper into, what makes you who you are! Follow the guide and find out if what you think describes your personality really and truly matches up with the results. As always, have fun and enjoy!

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