He Tells His Pup He Is Getting a New Baby Brother. The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless!

News that someone is expecting a baby is often greeted happily with warm smiles and a buzz of anticipation. It’s a major milestone for most parents, and rightly so! They’re often flooded with emotions and excitement, especially when they finally make an official announcement to friends and loved ones about the new baby on the way!

For some family members, the news is not so well-received. Usually it’s an older sibling who doesn’t want a new little brother or sister around. Many are just too young to understand, while others feel like they’re being replaced, and there’s always a few who think the baby will take all of their parents attention away from them.

Then there are those times when the older sibling happens to be a furbaby, like the adorable Golden Retriever in this video. The big lapdog’s owner, John Bache, sat him down on the couch for the big announcement. Before he shared the life changing news with his dog he made sure to grab a camera and record the special moment for posterity’s sake.

When the moment of truth arrives Mr Bache says to his dog matter-of-factly “Someones going to have a baby brother.” Upon hearing this the dog immediately stops panting and looking all around. He looks off into the distance and it’s as if he’s suddenly far, far away. Who knows what’s going through this dog’s head, but he sure doesn’t seem all that excited about the new baby news!

His reaction is definitely unexpected to say the least and his expression is priceless. Check him out if you want to laugh or need to smile!

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An ‘Intruder’ Breaks Into This Tiny Kitten’s House. Now Watch Him Protect His Humans.

image via – shutterstock.com

Cats are truly one of the most interesting animals on planet earth. From the mighty king of the jungle the lion, to the tabby cat at your grandma’s house, these animals give off a majestic vibe that almost no other animal on planet earth can match. People who have never had a kitty as a pet tend to believe these creatures are cold, weird, sneaky, sometimes scary and have no personality. Usually these people only ever had dogs or aren’t into pets at all.

However, anyone who has had the pleasure of sharing a living space with a majestic feline knows that these anti-cat stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, you aren’t going to get the immediate unconditional love from a cat that a dog would give you after about two hours of hanging out. Cats will make you work a little harder for that unconditional love in return, but when they finally decide to let you into their inner circle, all that time it took to gain there trust is all worth it!

Many cats have a distinct and unique style or swagger in how they carry themselves or their special strut/style of walk. I had one cat who whenever he walked into a room he would lead with his back legs! He had quite the ‘cat walk’ and was bursting with immense personality.

This video has to be one of the best cat videos of all time. It features a tiny kitten, who realizes that a scary intruder has broken into her house and is sitting on the living room floor.  The kitten is quite territorial and will not allow an evil doer to take over his and his family’s property.

The kitten has the eye of the tiger and the heart of a lion as you will see when he comes face to face with the intruder. The only thing is, the intruder happens to be a small green ball, but the kitten is completely unaware of this.

The brave, but freaked out kitten swipes and pounces at the evil intruder, but every time the ball turns around, the kitten runs for the hills.  This has to be the most intense cat video I have ever seen.  The kitty is such a brave little soul, I for one would have no clue what to do if I was in her situation.

The video is set perfectly to some spine-chilling horror movie music.  So sit back relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy this epic and slightly scary kitty video! I may have nightmares for the next week.  Enjoy the video and be safe out there! Remember during this spooky Halloween season keeping an adorable kitty nearby at all times can keep you safe! 🙂

Watch the hysterical video below and let us know in the comments on the Sun Gazing Main Page if you want more videos like this one:

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Stop This From Happening To Your Dog’s Paws This Spring and Summer Using This 5 Second Trick!

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of walking out your front door barefoot on flagstone or blacktop on a warm day, and your feet feeling a burning sensation within seconds. The air can feel quite comfortable, in the high 70’s to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, yet the sun-drenched pavement is scorching to the bottoms of our feet. We run inside to get sandals or flip-flops before walking out on hot cement again!

The pads of a dog’s paws offer some protection against the heat of pavement, but very often that natural protection is not enough. In the video you are about to watch below, the man uses an instrument to show us the actual heat of blacktop and even non-blacktop surfaces on a sunny day that is only 80 degrees outside. You will be shocked to see the difference in degrees between the air and the surfaces your dog’s paws will be forced to endure!

According to “Pet Sitters”, 120 degree Fahrenheit surfaces (common on an 85 degree day) will be painful for dogs, but won’t permanently damage their paws. However surfaces at 140 degrees will cause permanent damage within one minute, and at 150 degrees dog’s paws will immediately burn and blister! In warmer climates like Florida, such daily hot surfaces are to be expected, and can occur in summertime all around the country.

The thermometer carried by the man in the video to measure surface temperatures, isn’t something most people carry, so taking precautions suggested by “Moon Valley Canine Training” will help to ensure that your pup’s paws are protected.

They suggest placing the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds; if that hurts then the surface is unsafe for your dog. “Dog shoes”, disposable dog booties or socks are available if you have to take them onto dangerously hot surfaces. Walking them in the morning, staying on grassy surfaces, and moisturizing your pup’s paws will also help.

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