This Sad Puppy Husky Just Got Dropped Off At His Babysitters. What He Says Melted My Heart

Separation anxiety is a psychological issue where people experience feelings of severe anxiety when they are separated from people or things that they are emotionally attached to. It most commonly arises in young children when they are away from their mothers or caregivers for the first time. The drastic change and being suddenly detached from the most comforting and closest person in their life is scary, uncomfortable, and brings on feelings of unease and distress.

It’s not just young children and people who experience anxiety brought on by being away from the people and things they love the most, dogs also go through it. Our four-legged friends often become very attached to their human companions and when they are apart from them they get really upset. One such dog is this adorable and feisty Husky named Simba, who is shown in this short video clip uploaded to YouTube by user Alex Bulmer. Alex was watching Simba for his friend and the poor puppy was going through all the emotions brought on by anxiety, and from being away from his closest human companion in the world. Even though Simba had a fellow puppy pal to play with, he just can’t seem to relax or get comfortable in his new surroundings.

The sad dog was pacing around, crying and whining, when he suddenly seems to ask for his mamma. Alex can’t believe what he just heard and asks Simba what he just said. Seconds later Simba gives the same reply of “I want my momma!” It’s clear to hear and the beautiful puppy has some excellent vocal skills, he definitely spoke those words!

Simba is still a very young puppy and with a little growing up, and exposure to new situations and environments, he will be less stressed when he’s on his own. Once he gets accustomed to being away from his owner and used to being around other people more often, he won’t be so anxious or upset. Just like in young children, it takes time to get used to new routines. It seems like fur babies have a lot more in common with human babies than just being cute, young, and adorable!

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VIDEO: Husky Wants His Bath Time But His Human Says No. His Response Is A Hysterical Tantrum!

Bath time definitely doesn’t fall into “My Favorite Activity” for most dogs.  In fact they try to avoid it at all cost.  However, just the word “walk” usually gets the tail wagging,  running in circles in anticipation, and waiting at the door for the great event!

Well, that is the case for most dogs….but not Zeus the adorable stubborn Husky.  Apparently Zeus has made up his mind, that his majesty, is ready for his bath to be drawn.  He has placed himself in the empty bathtub, and every time he is told it isn’t bath time, but time to for a walk…well you will see his hilarious reaction in the video below.

Let’s just say that Zeus is like a big toddler, who practically sounds like he is talking, as he responds to his mom saying “Get out of the bathtub!”  He knows it’s time for his walk, but his preference for a nice relaxing bath is something he is willing to fight for. Watch the laugh-out-loud footage to see who wins!

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This Tiny Kitten Was Terrified and Nervous In Her New House. Until The Dog Did THIS

We have all watched many cute videos of animals on the internet, but the only word for this one is blissful. This tiny little kitten, Rosie, found solace after her first shaky night in her new home. Usually that first night of transition is very stressful, particularly for baby animals, and so it was for Rosie.

Her owners noticed that she was sluggish and not responding to their attempts to comfort her. They came up with a unique idea, hoping to turn her around. They had a full grown husky, Lilo, who despite the fact that she had never had any puppies, had always displayed a strong maternal instinct.

It is probable that Rosie had just been taken from her mother, and had been nursing, so her instinct to snuggle up to Lilo is far less surprising than Lilo’s reaction. It is always a bit of a gamble when an adult animal of another species is approached for comfort and care.

It certainly is not uncommon to see adult animals nurture across species, but Lilo’s immediate tender and loving care taking of darling little Rosie is just so special. The music set to their interaction in this beautiful video makes it all the more heartwarming. Sit back and enjoy these four minutes of sheer bliss!

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Big Husky Refuses To Share Bone With Tiny Puppy. The Pup Proceeds To Throw An Hysterical Tantrum.

There are some things in life that you don’t mess with and one of those things is a dog with a bone! When a dog gets a bone it’s usually either a special treat, or given as a reward in recognition for doing a job well done. The fact that it’s a rare delicacy or hard earned makes them extra protective of their tasty snack and a lot less willing to part with it so easily!

That’s why the adorable Husky in this video was so unwilling to share a bone she received with her little sister. She wanted to keep it all to herself but no matter how cute and hard the little puppy tried, she couldn’t snag the bone away, let alone get a taste of it!

You may already know or be familiar with Mishka, the older and much larger dog pictured in the clip gnawing away happily at her bone. Several years back she shot to internet stardom when a clip of her saying “I love you” to her owners went viral on YouTube. People everywhere immediately fell in love with the sweet, smart, an very talkative Siberian Husky.

In the time since then Mishka’s family has grown with the addition of Laika, a fellow Husky. These days the pair get along great and love spending time chasing squirrels, talking, singing, and playing together. Even still, back when Laika was a puppy Mishka wasn’t so ready and willing to share a hard earned bone with little sister! There are just some things a dog simply won’t part with.

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Baby Tries To Cuddle With This Husky. The Dog’s Reaction Is Totally Unexpected!

As this video shows, there is nothing sweeter or more adorable than a newborn baby getting along well and playing with their best dog friend.  The Siberian husky gently snuggles and licks the 7 month old, all the while being very careful and never rough with the child.  The baby clearly loves it and giggles with delight when kissed and nuzzled by friendly pup.  Any parent would love to see this ideal type of child/family pet interaction.  And, any parent can help foster such a relationship, so long as they prepare and plan for the eventual meeting of their newborn and the family dog.

From a dog’s perspective a newborn baby in the family means a lot of changes.  The family routine is strikingly different, unfamiliar sounds, smells and sights abound, and oftentimes less attention is paid to them.  There are several important ways to prepare and introduce the family dog to a new baby in the house that will make the transition much easier and less overwhelming for everyone involved.

Having an idea of what to expect and planning for the moment can help it go smooth and put any parent’s mind to rest.  Below are some key points on what you can do, but keep in mind that there are many additional tips and suggestions that can help guide you.

First, the dog needs to be taught, and know well, basic social skills on how to safely interact with people.  Obedience training is essential if you want your pet to truly listen and act on your commands, and many classes, books and DIY guides are readily available to help with this.  At the first meeting between the two, choose a calm, quiet room and eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Always hold the baby and supervise the interaction; never ever let a dog be alone with an unfamiliar baby.  Always try to avoid scolding or yelling at the dog because they will negatively associate that with the child.  Instead, reward them for good behavior, speak gently and try to relax as much as possible.

Dogs take cues from their owners and can pick up on the most subtle of emotions.  Once you get a feel for the situation, guide their interaction from there to where it needs to go, and stay positive because getting used to changes takes time.

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Dad Tells His Husky He Has To Go In The Crate. The Pup Proceeds To Throw The Funniest Tantrum.

For many of our canine friends, cages and kennels are places of comfort and rest. They are the one spot that a dog can truly call their own and crawl into after a long hard day of playing and doing whatever else it is that dogs do! While many animals do in fact happen to find their kennels to be very cozy and snug, Blaze the Husky is not one of them. He absolutely hates it when he has to go into his home-within-a-home and loudly protests against it.

As you can see in the video that Blaze’s owner shot, it can be quite a task convincing the big puppy to get in his kennel. He whines and says “no” over and over again while laying on the floor. He’s a pretty clever dog as he uses his dead weight to his advantage in order to prolong his time outside the cage. Check out Blaze’s adorably adamant refusal, you’ll fall in love with the handsome boy!

At the time the accompanying video footage was shot Blaze was just 11 months old. These days he’s all grown up and has already led a very busy, fun, and adventure-filled life. He loves going hiking and canoeing with his human companions. Rain, snow, or sunshine, he’s always down for whatever life brings his way…. unless it involves a kennel!

Check out Blaze The Husky’s Facebook page for more awesome pictures and videos of Blaze and his new little sister, Luna! She’s a recent addition to his life and yet the pair are already cuddling up on the couch for nap time together. They’re both insanely adorable so stop by Blaze’s page to see what they’ve been up to!

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