This Sad Puppy Husky Just Got Dropped Off At His Babysitters. What He Says Melted My Heart

Separation anxiety is a psychological issue where people experience feelings of severe anxiety when they are separated from people or things that they are emotionally attached to. It most commonly arises in young children when they are away from their mothers or caregivers for the first time. The drastic change and being suddenly detached from the most comforting and closest person in their life is scary, uncomfortable, and brings on feelings of unease and distress.

It’s not just young children and people who experience anxiety brought on by being away from the people and things they love the most, dogs also go through it. Our four-legged friends often become very attached to their human companions and when they are apart from them they get really upset. One such dog is this adorable and feisty Husky named Simba, who is shown in this short video clip uploaded to YouTube by user Alex Bulmer. Alex was watching Simba for his friend and the poor puppy was going through all the emotions brought on by anxiety, and from being away from his closest human companion in the world. Even though Simba had a fellow puppy pal to play with, he just can’t seem to relax or get comfortable in his new surroundings.

The sad dog was pacing around, crying and whining, when he suddenly seems to ask for his mamma. Alex can’t believe what he just heard and asks Simba what he just said. Seconds later Simba gives the same reply of “I want my momma!” It’s clear to hear and the beautiful puppy has some excellent vocal skills, he definitely spoke those words!

Simba is still a very young puppy and with a little growing up, and exposure to new situations and environments, he will be less stressed when he’s on his own. Once he gets accustomed to being away from his owner and used to being around other people more often, he won’t be so anxious or upset. Just like in young children, it takes time to get used to new routines. It seems like fur babies have a lot more in common with human babies than just being cute, young, and adorable!

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