She Tells Her Husky He Can’t Go Outside Again. The Dog Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

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Siberian Huskies are well known for their wolf-like looks and beautiful eyes, but it’s their awesome personalities that really win people over. The breed is extremely friendly, intelligent, energetic, and accepting. Not only is it highly likely that they’ll get along well with children of all ages and other dogs or pet animals, they’re even friendly towards strangers, so don’t get one if you want or need a guard dog!

In addition to being highly social and friendly, they also tend to be very even-tempered. When they do act up or throw a tantrum it’s never scary or worrisome, instead it’s adorable and endearing, like how the Husky in this clip acts. The big handsome dog was filmed getting into it and arguing loudly with his owner. From the sound of all his whining it seems like he had a whole lot to say and he wasn’t about to shush up or back down!

The amped up dog throws some serious sass right back at the woman he’s chatting with and he doesn’t hold back. He barks and moans in response, but instead of listening to her and doing what she says, he ignores it and just keeps carrying on. At several points he doesn’t even skip a beat or pause to take a breath! He’s on a roll with his little temper tantrum and it’s the cutest argument you could ever hope to see or hear.

As the conversation goes on it seems as if the Husky may just want to get the last word in. He’s trying to dominate the situation and is arguing like a boss. It’s like he was telling his owner that he was in fact the alpha dog of the house and that she needed to get in line, behind him!

The Husky is just so expressive and persistent, that’s all part of what makes them so endearing and downright adorable. Be sure to check him out because he’s hilarious and try to keep up with the conversation if you can!

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Nobody Believed Mom When She Described The Sound Her Husky Pup Makes. So She Caught This.

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This adorable Husky puppy is only just beginning to find his voice and yet it already sounds incredibly sweet! He may still have a lot of practice and work ahead of him before he fine tunes his vocal abilities, but he’ll get there in time. After all, he’s so young and has a whole adventurous, fun-filled life ahead of him!

The unusual howling noises that the little chubby gray and white puppy makes don’t appear to bother his sleeping siblings. The group of puppies must be super tired because they are passed out haphazardly all around the noisy little fella. They are so dead asleep that they seem oblivious to the unique, gurgle-sounding howls and barely even flinch, let alone move at all whatsoever! Check them out, you have to see them all because it’s just too cute!

In terms of noisiness, most Siberian Huskies bark a lot less and are not as loud compared to many other dog breeds. However, they do love to howl, especially when they’re around other Husky dogs. Oftentimes when one begins to howl the others will join in, this is known as a community howl and it’s very similar to what wolf packs do and sound like. In fact, dogs that howl can all thank wolves for the ability to do so because it is a primitive trait that got passed on to domestic dogs long, long ago. These days many Huskies only howl in the company of other fellow Huskies, but some will also do it when they’re bored, playing, interacting with people, or in response to sirens and other high pitched noises.

In light of all that, the little puppy in this clip may have been trying to start up a community howl because he was bored. In the end, we’ll never know what compelled him to howl but who cares because he sounds downright adorable!

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Human Tells Sleepy Husky It’s Time For His Morning Walk. The Dog Throws The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

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Are you a morning person or an anti-morning person? Those are really the only two types. On one side are the people who wake up and spring out of bed with a smile on their face, ready to take on the day and whatever it may bring their way. On the opposite side are people who absolutely hate waking up early, they have to drag themselves out of bed before stumbling out the door.

Whichever type of morning person you may happen to be, we can all appreciate the need to sleep-in every once in awhile. It feels good and sometimes you just don’t want to leave your nice warm, comfy, pillow soft, perfect bed. This is especially true if the reason you’re being woken up is to go on a brisk early morning walk, like the poor Husky in this video.

Zeus is his name and the seven year old Siberian Husky is an adorable dog who’s well-known for his stubborn streak. He is most definitely not a morning dog and when his owner woke him bright and early to go for a walk, let’s just say he was less than thrilled at the prospect!

Zeus’s reaction in the accompanying clip speaks for itself and while the temper tantrum he throws is a bit dramatic, it’s also entirely understandable. He’s letting his owner know that he’s not okay with being rudely awakened for a dumb walk and to just leave him alone. He whines and yowls in protest like a baby who just had a teddy bear taken away!

At some points the big baby hardly stops whining to take a breathe of fresh air! No amount of tugging on his leash or coaxing will get him to budge off of his comfy couch spot. He’s made up his mind and does not want to go for a walk this early in the day. According to his owner, Zeus actually really does enjoy going out for walks, it’s just that sometimes he likes creating drama even more so than that!

All of the anti-morning people out there can definitely sympathize with Zeus on this one. If you need a good laugh, check him out, and enjoy!

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Human Tells His Dog It’s Time To Leave The Park. Husky Refuses and Throws a Hysterical Tantrum.

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For many of our canine friends, the dog park is a place filled with fun and excitement. They are happening spots where lots of different dogs from all over the place come together to play, run around, and do whatever else it is that dogs love to do!

While many dogs eventually get tuckered out and are ready to go home after awhile, some just can’t seem to get enough playtime in at the park. The latter is exactly how this adorable Husky feels every single time he visits the dog park, which according to his owner is daily.

The handsome boy is big and energetic so he has a lot of steam to run off. It seems that no matter how long his stay at the fun park lasts, it’s always way too short for his wants and needs. Instead of being a good doggy who listens obediently whenever his mom tells him to come and that it’s time to go, he responds by throwing a temper tantrum! The disappointed Husky stands solidly in one place and just whines and moans. He cries out in anguish over the prospect of having to leave the park and it even sounds like he’s saying ‚Äúnooooooo‚ÄĚ over and over again.

After about a minute or so of crying aloud a few other dogs and people come over to where the distressed Husky is. One woman can be heard offering him a treat and that is what finally gets him moving along. This is a perfect example of classic dog behavior, aka not budging until a tasty treat is thrown their way!

After you check out the cute Husky throwing an absolutely adorable tantrum don’t forget to share it with friends, family, and fellow dog lovers and owners who can appreciate it for exactly what it is, which is smile inducing!

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Husky Spent His Whole Life Neglected and Chained. Now Watch When He Runs Free For The First Time.

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Being ENSLAVED and unable to move by being CHAINED is anyone’s worst nightmare. ¬†The freedom to move and enjoy nature and choice, is no different for animals than it is for human beings. ¬†It is beyond my comprehension that human beings have the capacity to perpetrate unspeakable cruelty to each other and to the animal kingdom.

This is the story of Biscuit, a beautiful Husky, who was found chained next to his dead brother who froze to death due to neglect.  Thankfully, Biscuit was found before his life came to such a tragic ending.  Dogs who have been chained their whole lives can have tremendous difficulty adjusting to freedom.  Building trust with humans comes slowly, and must be done gradually.

Biscuit was rescued from a piece of property owned by the professional football player Michael Vick, who would fight the dogs to make money. ¬†Thankfully, his horrendous actions were discovered and stopped, and this open natural space is now being put to good use. ¬†Rehabilitation by “Good Newz Rehab for Chained and Penned Dogs”, is helping dogs like Biscuit to learn to trust again, be socialized, and live out their lives in freedom. ¬†The VIDEO you are about to watch below shows the¬†moment that¬†Biscuit was unchained and able to run free, experiencing the earth and grass under his feet for the first time. ¬†Watching him romp around experiencing liberation is breathtaking and beautiful to behold.

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Dad Confronts His Two Guilty Huskies About The Huge Mess. They Respond With a Hysterical Argument.

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It’s an all too familiar story among pet owners, coming home to a messy house! Dogs in particular seem to always make the biggest messes and these two Huskies are no exception!¬†The canine brothers literally tear stuff up and run wild when their owner, a YouTuber by the name of Snowdog Guru, stepped out. As this video shows, when he returned home and came back through the door, his Huskies were waiting to greet him alongside a huge mess!

Apparently the mail came while he was out and when a letter popped through the slot in the door, it caught the dog’s attention and they went at it. The adorable Huskies, Dakota and Phoenix, ended up ripping and tearing a letter to bits and pieces. It was from HRMC, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, which is basically like the IRS of the United Kingdom. Hopefully it wasn’t anything too important or a refund check!

When the dog’s owner asked the cute pair which one made the mess, they immediately started getting all charged up and excited. The hilarious duo ran around in circles, yapping and talking animatedly all at once. They seemed to be blaming each other for the snafu and neither of them were about to take the fall! Huskies are certainly among the most vocal breeds out there and this clip just goes to show exactly that.

These boys are guilty as sin but they got let off easy because they’re just too cute. Seriously, how could you be ever stay mad at faces like that for more than a couple of seconds! Check out their reaction if you want to smile and have a good laugh because that’s exactly what they’ll make you do!

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