Human Tells Sleepy Husky It’s Time For His Morning Walk. The Dog Throws The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

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Are you a morning person or an anti-morning person? Those are really the only two types. On one side are the people who wake up and spring out of bed with a smile on their face, ready to take on the day and whatever it may bring their way. On the opposite side are people who absolutely hate waking up early, they have to drag themselves out of bed before stumbling out the door.

Whichever type of morning person you may happen to be, we can all appreciate the need to sleep-in every once in awhile. It feels good and sometimes you just don’t want to leave your nice warm, comfy, pillow soft, perfect bed. This is especially true if the reason you’re being woken up is to go on a brisk early morning walk, like the poor Husky in this video.

Zeus is his name and the seven year old Siberian Husky is an adorable dog who’s well-known for his stubborn streak. He is most definitely not a morning dog and when his owner woke him bright and early to go for a walk, let’s just say he was less than thrilled at the prospect!

Zeus’s reaction in the accompanying clip speaks for itself and while the temper tantrum he throws is a bit dramatic, it’s also entirely understandable. He’s letting his owner know that he’s not okay with being rudely awakened for a dumb walk and to just leave him alone. He whines and yowls in protest like a baby who just had a teddy bear taken away!

At some points the big baby hardly stops whining to take a breathe of fresh air! No amount of tugging on his leash or coaxing will get him to budge off of his comfy couch spot. He’s made up his mind and does not want to go for a walk this early in the day. According to his owner, Zeus actually really does enjoy going out for walks, it’s just that sometimes he likes creating drama even more so than that!

All of the anti-morning people out there can definitely sympathize with Zeus on this one. If you need a good laugh, check him out, and enjoy!

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