What Is Your Most Dominant Personality Trait According This Beautiful Color Test? Find Out..

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What color do you think your personality is? As strange as that question may sound, there is actually a logical and insightful way to answer it, with this quiz! It uses a combination of bright visual images and color psychology to determine what the dominant color of your personality happens to be. But before you begin, take a moment to think about how colors seem to affect you.

Every single color that exists under the sun comes with its own special meanings and associations. For example, think of the color blue and how we tend to automatically associate it with calmness, tranquility, depth, loyalty, water, and the sky. Now think of the color red and likely thoughts of love, passion, anger, power, fire, and blood come to mind. Certain shades of all the major primary and secondary colors, every yellow, green, purple, black, white, and so on, comes with its own built-in ideas and preconceived meanings. So now which color do you assume most applies to you!?

This quiz will help you examine what your dominant personality color is and explain in the results why this is so. It looks at the colors that you notice first, which draw your eye and attention, and that you view as the most dominant. Try it now and see if the answer you get matches up with what you originally guessed it to be.

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