Human Tells This Crazy Dog To Get Out Of The Crib. But The Pup Throws a Hysterical Fit Instead.

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Family dogs are often very kind, sweet, and adorable when they’re around young children, especially babies. Many will even take cues from the kids and act like them in a similar manner, whereas others are more like a parent figure and keep a close watch over the youngsters in their charge.

One couples cherished Boston Terrier, named Humphrey, turned out to be more of a fellow best friend than a mother figure to their young daughter Keira. The hilarious dog can be seen here going wild in the baby girls crib, much to her delight! He jumps all around the bedroom, hopping from the bed to the crib and then out onto the floor and back around. It’s almost like he has his own obstacle course set up and he keeps running through it!

Humphrey is definitely one crazy ball of high speed energy and he really doesn’t listen to mom. Every time that she tells him to get out of the crib he just looks at her with an expression on his face that says “no.” Rather than follow her orders he keeps up his hysterical fit and continues zipping around the room! At one point mom tries yet again to tell him to hop out of the crib, but he responds by just turning around a few times before settling down into a more comfortable position!

Meanwhile, Keira looks like she is having the time of her life, giggling and laughing at her silly dog. She clearly loves Hunphrey to pieces, and vice-versa! According to their mother, the adorable pair have grown up a lot since this video was taken. In an update she wrote that “Keira and Humphreys bond is going strong! They are inseparable! It is a blast to see a child and a dog be best buds! And no he still does NOT listen. Haha!”

Check out the video to watch Humphrey throw his adorable tantrum, he just can’t help himself and is so excited!

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