THIS Little Pup May Look Cuddly But The Strange and Bizarre Sound He Makes Is UNTHINKABLE!

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What you are about to view, and more importantly hear, in the video below is truly astounding.  Many breeds of dogs howl instinctively when stimulated by certain sounds. Often a siren or musical instrument will evoke howling, and  dogs will howl in response to a certain sound their owner makes.

Because dogs are pack animals, they howl to communicate, life their wolf predecessors. It’s their form of social media.  The little Maltese, Cody, in the footage below, emits a noise when he howls that absolutely sounds human… like a human man screaming! This is a sound I really didn’t know could even come out of dog!

Although he sounds distressed, Cody is actually happy communicating with his nurturing humans; his tail is wagging while he delights in responding to his owners sound that evokes the howling.  This video that has gone viral, was so unreal sounding, that people challenged it’s veracity.

However, it turns out that this is a common howling sound for the Maltese breed.  Yikes!

Have you ever hear anything like this?

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THIS 2 Week Old Pup Howls For The 1st Time Ever. Now Watch His Proud Mama’s Funny Reaction!

Do you know when you giggle the deepest, soul-filling laugh that makes you feel like a little kid and you can’t control it? That’s the kind of giggle this video provides. In just twenty short seconds an effing adorable puppy gains a little more communication with the world.

He starts the ascent of his hoot with innocent little grumbles and whines. Then he notices what happens when he opens his mouth. He is so impressed with himself that he belts it out from the bottom of his lungs. He falls out of howl when he runs out of air, and no sooner than his next breath is it he at it again.

This Alaskan Malamute is only fourteen days old and sounds almost like a cat meowing. His short howl meanders into barks and then mama dog succinctly tells him to pipe it down. He responds with whimpers and retaliation, which leads to the gang chiming in. It’s funny how as pet owner’s, we bark when our dogs do. Who’s really in charge?

I love videos like this that are short little uplifts to your day. They come in with a jolt of impact and when it’s over you’re left with reassurance that the world is all kinds of beautiful. Cute baby animals lift the spirits of every being they come in contact with, creating joy and laughter for people throughout the earth and in the endless realms of the interwebs.

The cuteness of the baby animal is so powerful, it holds the very fabric of human society in a higher state of vibration through welcomed psychological manipulations, exercised through very large, round heads and relatively enormous eyes. Thank you, cute baby animals!

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Boxer Puppy Tries To Howl At His Mom For The First Time. But What Comes Out Is Priceless!

A puppies first howl or attempt at making a certain sound is bound to be adorable.  Most proud owners want to preserve the memory of their pet’s first squeak, meow, growl, howl, bark, whine, or whatever noise they muster up.  Thanks to YouTube channel For the Love of Boxers, we too can witness Tobias, a 3 week old puppy, trying out a howl.

The cuddly pup sits perched atop his owner looking impossibly cute with his tiny wrinkled face, innocent sleepy eyes, and head resting on his (yet to be grown into) big front paws.  That image of him alone is enough to make anyone sigh and wish for their own puppy-pal.  When his lady friend begins to make dog sounds for him to imitate he quickly tries his best to copy her.  He lets out whimpers and cries and eventually manages to make a faint howl sound.

The cutest part is when he takes a break between tries and ends up making a snort or chortling sound.  The little guy has heart and keeps trying.   Eventually he will master the sounds that grown up dogs make but for now his squeaks are just as good and much more endearing.

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Nobody Believed Mom When She Described The Sound Her Husky Pup Makes. So She Caught This.

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This adorable Husky puppy is only just beginning to find his voice and yet it already sounds incredibly sweet! He may still have a lot of practice and work ahead of him before he fine tunes his vocal abilities, but he’ll get there in time. After all, he’s so young and has a whole adventurous, fun-filled life ahead of him!

The unusual howling noises that the little chubby gray and white puppy makes don’t appear to bother his sleeping siblings. The group of puppies must be super tired because they are passed out haphazardly all around the noisy little fella. They are so dead asleep that they seem oblivious to the unique, gurgle-sounding howls and barely even flinch, let alone move at all whatsoever! Check them out, you have to see them all because it’s just too cute!

In terms of noisiness, most Siberian Huskies bark a lot less and are not as loud compared to many other dog breeds. However, they do love to howl, especially when they’re around other Husky dogs. Oftentimes when one begins to howl the others will join in, this is known as a community howl and it’s very similar to what wolf packs do and sound like. In fact, dogs that howl can all thank wolves for the ability to do so because it is a primitive trait that got passed on to domestic dogs long, long ago. These days many Huskies only howl in the company of other fellow Huskies, but some will also do it when they’re bored, playing, interacting with people, or in response to sirens and other high pitched noises.

In light of all that, the little puppy in this clip may have been trying to start up a community howl because he was bored. In the end, we’ll never know what compelled him to howl but who cares because he sounds downright adorable!

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