Kidnapped Baby Otters Were Neglected But They’ve Been Saved and Get Freedom and Food For First Time

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It is truly a tragic reality, that in so many places throughout the world, poachers hunt wild animals in order to illegally sell them to people wanting exotic pets.  It is common for babies to be kidnapped; they often go into shock, suffer from hunger and dehydration, and die before being sold. It is horrible that so many animals are taken and kidnapped from their natural habitat and frequently taken from their mothers before they are developmentally ready. This is just so heartbreaking especially when you see how adorable, sweet and innocent these itty bitty baby otters.

Thanks to the many animal-lover/advocates, like TV host Frank Cuesta, whom you will see in the video below, many animals get rescued and returned to the wild.  Cuesta resides in Thailand, where he hosts a show that has been compared to Steve Irwin. He explores, helps, studies and rescues wildlife just as the late great legend Steve Irwin did.

Cuesta is the hero of this story of a rescue of two baby otters, after he was tipped off as to their location, before they could be sold on the black market. He headed to the location and somehow managed to save them and get them away from the bad people who wanted to harm these poor sweet fur babies.

Having studied veterinary medicine, Cuesta knows that these orphaned otter pups not only have to have limited human exposure, but actually need to be trained to be afraid of people before being reintroduced into the wild.  This is necessary for their safety and for sustaining the otter population. Luckily Cuesta knows exactly what to do and these babies should soon be back in the wild and their natural habitat.

Unless you speak Spanish you won’t understand exactly what Cuesta is tenderly saying to the pups he has saved, but you will get the gist of it.  Hearing the darling babies squeaking as they are finally fed, is simply joyful, as is the fact that they will safely be returned to the wild. The sounds of pure happiness emanating from their adorable little faces made my heart melt into a million pieces. Have you ever heard a sound so adorable in your life? Let us know in the comments

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments section if you want to see more animal rescue videos like this on our page:

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This Is The Unexpectedly Strange Reason Why Your Own Voice Sounds So Weird When You Hear It!

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If you are anything like me, hearing your speaking voice on a recording, is usually cringe-worthy!  Sometimes you may hear your recorded voice, and not even recognize it as your own.  I’ve found it to be even weirder hearing my voice on a video…it almost seems disembodied.

I’ve always wondered about this strange phenomenon; it is true that your voice does sound different to yourself than you sound to others.  The video you are about to watch explains that there is actually a scientific reason for this.

When we speak we are hearing our voice both externally and internally.  Not only do you hear what is actually coming out of your mouth (external), but the “real” voice is combined with the sound of the internal bone vibration.  This combination causes you to perceive your voice as softer and lower-pitched.

What happens when you hear a recording of your voice, is that the internal noises you usually hear when speaking, are eliminated.  The sound vibration that comes out of a speaker reaches us through our ear drums, causing a sharper, stronger sound than the one we hear when we speak.

In recording a voice, there is some distortion, so that it is hard to ever totally know how you sound to others.  All this being said, the following video you are about to watch below will give you a far greater understanding of WHY YOU HATE THE SOUND OF YOUR OWN VOICE!

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Are You Really Annoyed By The Sound Of Chewing Apparently THIS Is The Strange Reason Why!

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Does the sound of someone chewing make you crazy; does it seem so amplified that you can’t block it out and find yourself getting angry and even enraged?  If you have this reaction to chewing or cutting of nails or other sounds that people naturally block out, you are not alone.  This is a real neurological disorder called “mysophonia”.

In the video you are about to watch below, mysophonia is discussed in some depth.  He explains that the condition comes from the central nervous system which is hard wired to auditory stimuli in a negative way, that causes the individual to experience panic, anger and disgust.

When faced with these sounds they experience something similar to the “fight or flight” response of an anxiety attack. That’s the bad news…but here’s the good news!  Northwestern University did some extensive research on the syndrome, and found that people who have this heightened sensitivity to sound tend to be more creative than average.

“Atypical attention” corresponds with creativity.  Watch the footage below, to get further insight into this condition, and some behavioral solutions for coping with it.

Let us know if you or someone you know has experienced this irritability in response to certain sounds, and how you have coped with it.

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He Touches This Strange Frog He Discovered In His Home. The Frog’s Reaction WOW!

As a kid, I used to love playing with frogs, which were everywhere around the wooded area of my home. They never seemed resistant to being held, and the feeling of their little feet on the palm of my hands, is a great memory!

However frogs, which are part of the amphibian group, are a diverse species of nearly 4,800 different types. When a frog grows to adulthood, they typically have a rounded central body without a tail, bulging eyes, a cleft tongue and legs that fold underneath them. All of these characteristics are most probably adaptations that protect them through camouflage and enhanced vision, from other animals and humans.

The frog that you are about to watch in the VIDEO below, is unlike any I played with as a kid. It somehow made it’s way into this person’s house. As you will see, there is one other way that frogs have of frightening off perceived predators…watch as this human touches him!

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Nobody Believed Them When They Described The Puma’s Morning Ritual So They Caught THIS On Video

The little puma cat in this video may appear intimidating and formidable, but when she opens her mouth she becomes anything but that! Her name is Yazhi, she was named after the Native American word which means “little one” in English, and it’s clear to see why.

Yazhi looks so tiny and small in stature for being a member of a big cat family. Pumas are the second largest cat in the Americas and throughout the world they are called many names. In fact their species, P. concolor, holds the Guinness world record for the animal with the greatest number of names, with over forty English ones alone. Several commonly known names include mountain lion, cougar, and panther.

Yazhi is an adorable cat who was hand raised at Paradise Wildlife Park, located in Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, England. The park is a sister site to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) which is where Yazhi now resides.

The pretty puma was rejected by her mother shortly after birth and would not have survived without human intervention. WHF staff took her in and nursed her into the healthy, thriving puma we see today. They describe her as extremely playful and rambunctious, and when her keepers go into her enclosure to play with her she gets very excited and absolutely loves interacting with them.

The noises Yazhi makes are common of her species. They are capable of producing a variety of sounds and can purr, chirp, whistle, hiss, and scream. The video is titled “A puma singing” but Yazhi’s song sounds more like she’s half meowing, half squeaking, and maybe even making some low growling noises.

She talks a lot for a puma, they are known to be mostly silent, and it’s likely because she spends a lot of time around noisy talkative humans. Her song is certainly different than any of the sounds a house cat makes and it will put a smile on your face when you hear it!

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How This Rottweiler Reacts When He Is Hugged Is Baffling. I Have Never Heard Anything Like THIS

This big, beautiful, and ferocious looking Rottweiler is actually a big softy. He loves nothing more than to be hugged and petted by his adoring owner. In fact, he loves being held close and having his furry coat stroked so much that it makes him purr uncontrollably! The noises bubble and rumble up from deep within his chest and sound kind of scary, but they are a sign that he feels good and is happy.

The big puppy in this video is enjoying his mama’s hugs and putting on an amusing show for everyone gathered around. He seems to really love the attention and yet be oblivious to it at the same time! His eyes even roll back into his head and a calm, serene, pleased look is plastered on his cute face as he purrs away like a little kitten.

This may be the cutest way in which a dog can express their contentment! Rottweiler owners have dubbed this purr-like sound the “rottie rumbles” since it resembles a rumbling-type noise and is common among the breed. The low grumbled sound is actually the dog “talking” and they often make the noise when they are feeling really good.

Some people confuse it with growling but that is not what they are doing when you hear the noises. Plus, if they were growling you would know because they’d also be defensive and showing fear or anger in some other manner, it’s all about context.

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