I’ve Never Heard a Baby Sloth Before. When This One Started Making Noise I Spit My Drink Out!

image via – youtube.com

There are a ton of adorable videos online that feature wide eyed sloths. The slow moving creatures are loved by lots of people the world over, and it’s easy to see why. They are always well behaved and very gentle, docile, and non-aggressive in their mannerisms and movements.

Sloths also make the cutest noises and if you haven’t hear what they sound like yet then you have to check out this video from YouTube channel Slothville TV. The video shows several sloths, including baby ones and grown up adults. They all make the cutest noises that seem to be quite appropriate and in line with their slowness.

It sounds almost like they are crying out in exasperation at how hard and annoying moving a few inches seems to feel like for them. The tiny newborn ones make a more squeaky, high pitched noise and it sounds like a cry that a baby animal would make.

As a point of comparison, the noises they produce are almost exactly like the sounds people make when they are not into something, or grunt halfheartedly, kind of like a “meeahh.” However, when it’s coming from a little crawling sloth’s mouth it’s 100x more cute and precious, by far. Sloths got their unflattering name due to the fact that they move so slowly.

However, they are built for this and are not the lazy, sluggish, lethargic mammals that we often view them as. Sloths only move when necessary because they need to conserve as much energy as possible due to their diet consisting of mainly leaves. Leaves provide little energy and are hard to digest.

Which is why sloths have specialized stomachs that slowly break down leaves and it often takes them a month or more to digest the contents of their stomachs completely. Other ways they conserve energy include low metabolic rates and low body temperatures, and of course, slow paced movements.

Enjoy the video below! This is guaranteed to make your day! 🙂

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How This Rottweiler Reacts When He Is Hugged Is Baffling. I Have Never Heard Anything Like THIS

This big, beautiful, and ferocious looking Rottweiler is actually a big softy. He loves nothing more than to be hugged and petted by his adoring owner. In fact, he loves being held close and having his furry coat stroked so much that it makes him purr uncontrollably! The noises bubble and rumble up from deep within his chest and sound kind of scary, but they are a sign that he feels good and is happy.

The big puppy in this video is enjoying his mama’s hugs and putting on an amusing show for everyone gathered around. He seems to really love the attention and yet be oblivious to it at the same time! His eyes even roll back into his head and a calm, serene, pleased look is plastered on his cute face as he purrs away like a little kitten.

This may be the cutest way in which a dog can express their contentment! Rottweiler owners have dubbed this purr-like sound the “rottie rumbles” since it resembles a rumbling-type noise and is common among the breed. The low grumbled sound is actually the dog “talking” and they often make the noise when they are feeling really good.

Some people confuse it with growling but that is not what they are doing when you hear the noises. Plus, if they were growling you would know because they’d also be defensive and showing fear or anger in some other manner, it’s all about context.

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