THIS Little Pup May Look Cuddly But The Strange and Bizarre Sound He Makes Is UNTHINKABLE!

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What you are about to view, and more importantly hear, in the video below is truly astounding.  Many breeds of dogs howl instinctively when stimulated by certain sounds. Often a siren or musical instrument will evoke howling, and  dogs will howl in response to a certain sound their owner makes.

Because dogs are pack animals, they howl to communicate, life their wolf predecessors. It’s their form of social media.  The little Maltese, Cody, in the footage below, emits a noise when he howls that absolutely sounds human… like a human man screaming! This is a sound I really didn’t know could even come out of dog!

Although he sounds distressed, Cody is actually happy communicating with his nurturing humans; his tail is wagging while he delights in responding to his owners sound that evokes the howling.  This video that has gone viral, was so unreal sounding, that people challenged it’s veracity.

However, it turns out that this is a common howling sound for the Maltese breed.  Yikes!

Have you ever hear anything like this?

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Ferret’s Nightly Ritual So She Caught THIS Unexpected Surprise!

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Ferrets like to sleep. A lot. They often nap for a good 14-20 hours each day and a few spend even more time than that nestled up in bed. They can go from running around playing one minute to passed out cold the next. Sometimes they sleep so soundly that they appear lifeless and dead. You can pick one up, gently shake it, and the disturbance won’t even wake it up.

Their impressive need for beauty sleep is what makes this video easy to understand. An adorable ferret was feeling really sleepy and found the perfect spot to doze off in; wedged up between his owner’s legs. It was there that he fell into a zen-like sleep trance, slightly tiled back and upright on his furry back paws.

He was so out of it that he didn’t stir a bit when his owner gently grasped his front paws, they just fell limply to his sides. As the seconds tick the little guy slowly starts to sink and slide downwards off his warm comfy lap-bed, before suddenly toppling over! His fall from grace was performed in the most adorable and dramatic fashion.

He appears to have seized up his arms right before falling, which makes it look like he was about to take a bow or something. It’s too stinkin’ cute! According to Yulia S, the ferrets owner who originally posted the clip on YouTube, the sleepy critter’s name is Stivinson. She wrote that he was worn out after playing with a fellow ferret friend and ended up passing out in her arms.

She added that “he is absolutely healthy and [this] did not threaten his health.” It’s clear to see how much love and adoration Yulia has for little Stivinson, and he certainly looked happy, healthy, and well taken care of. If you want to make yourself laugh and smile, check out his bedtime antics and enjoy!

Let us know what you think of this adorable fur baby!

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Mama Catches and Films Her Cat’s Hysterical Nightly Ritual.

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Cats are awesome and so are all of the cute, adorable, and hilarious video clips they star in. If you happen to be a cat person, then you’ll understand the sentiment and agree with the fact that there’s just something about a good old cat video that makes us feel good inside. It’s as if the little kitties have some magical ability to make us smile and viewing the right clip can turn your whole day around.

So if you started the day off on a low note, do yourself a favor and watch this classic cat video. It’ll amp things up a little and then you can end it on a higher note. This is one of those rare YouTube gems that has managed to withstand the test of time. It was originally uploaded back in September of 2008 by the user hkbecky. She managed to capture what has arguably gone on to become one of the Internet’s best cat videos ever!

She was recording her two kitties, who are named Goo and Yat Jai, playing a game of patty cake. They stand facing one another on top of her computer desk and touch their paws together on and off. According to hkbecky, her feline companions love to play patty cake all the time but when they feel that she is watching or filming them, they immediately cease all play. Then, when they think she’s no longer looking, they get right back to where they left off!

Here’s where this video went from good to amazing. Fast forward a few years to November of 2010. That was when fellow YouTube user JC Elliot posted his new take on the original, which by the way had already become an instant cult classic among cat video aficionados. He gave the clip an instant upgrade by translating Goo and Yat Jai’s actions into English and giving us his imagined version of what they were saying.

In the end, he really dreamed up the perfect narrative and the voice-over he added is absolutely on point. The final cut is a hilarious, perfectly timed performance of a game of catty-cake, as it has come to be affectionately known by. Check it out and see for yourself just how awesome, cute, and clever it is, and don’t forget to smile. Enjoy!

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